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Rubycon (Swe)

Rubycon (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1983 - 1986
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Roger Peterson - Vocals (Verdict, Peterson)

Torbjörn Andrén - Guitar,  Vocals  (Trazer, Cloak & Dagger, Snoggel, Dustycovers, Earth, Fredde & Projektet, HardWear, Moonmagic, NN 3, Pero Franjo Project, The Holy Frog Alliance, The Nicks, Tumbleweed, Violent Stuff, Ahlwyn Concept)

Hans "Hasse" Torensjö - Bass (Prospect)

Mats Ahlstedt - Drums,  Vocals (Cloak & Dagger, Snoggel, Fesk, Galt, Hypergy, Kamikazee, Mogens Klyvare Hose-Band MKHB, Randy Suzy, Suicide, The MA, TumbleweedZee Ducer & The Soul Unit, Zee Ducer & The Soul Unit)

Former / Past Members
Mikael "Abbe" Sjöström - Vocals (Airborne, Jackwave)

Roger Davidsson - Guitar, Vocals (Snoggel)

Jan "Janne" Grunditz - Guitar, Vocals
Bio (from Metal Knights The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel 1983-85)
Rubycon was formed late 1983 from a previous band called Snoggel. Snoggel sung mostly in Swedish. Unfortunately they never recorded anything altough they had plenty of songs (at least enough for an album). The original members of Rubycon were Torbjörn Andrén (guitar and vocals), Roger Davidsson (guitaR), Hasse Torensjö (bass) and Mats Ahlstedt (drums & vocals). With this line-up the bband recorded four songs for their first demo (known as the Basement Bash demo) in early 1984 on a Fostex four-track porta studio.

Soon after that Roger left the band and was replaced by Janne Grunditz. Later the same years Janne left as well, and the band made another porta demo as a three-piece. They recorded four new songs and two nameless instrumental songs. After having auditoned a countless members of lead singers, amongst others Abbe from Airborne, the band teamed up with Roger Peterson from Verdict in 1985. This constellation made a few rehearsal sessions, of which only one song remains recorded ("Go Down Fighting"). This line-up never took off, and the band split up soon after.

Torbjörn went on forming Trazer (not to be confused with the band from Jönköping that did a 7"), Hasse went to Prospect, and Mats went to Zee Ducer & The Soul Unit. Torbjörn and Mats reunited a few years later in Cloack and Dagger that did a demo in 1989. Unfortunately the band never got to record anything else as they split up.

Bio (by
Formed in 1980 as SNOGGEL, recording several rehearsals and releasing 2 demos until 1983, when they changed thier name to RUBYCON. The band never had a permanent singer, the band members took turns doing vocals throughout the bands career. Released a few studio demos, and a lot of rehearsal demos and live tapes. Also had the track "Out Of he Night" on the 12" Metal compilation 'Metal Knights: A Resurgance Of Swedish Steel" (1985)'.

Towards the end of their career VERDICT vocalist Roger Peterson joined the band on vocals (the only time the band has a lead singer that wasnt part of the band before). However, that never worked out and he only recorded one track with them that ended up being added to end of all copies of the '84 Demo being distributed after that (but at the time of the original '84 demo release the tracks hadnt been recorded yet, so the original copies only contain the 4 studio songs, not the outtakes).

Some RUBYCON members later formed CLOAK & DAGGER and released one demo tape in '89. Theyve been active on-and-off since the late 80's, but never actually disbanded. There was a brief reunion of the nuclear trio in the early 2000`s, but that was laid to rest, and the band should be considered split-up.
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