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- 2-Track Demo (1987)

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Zanity (Swe)

Band Info
Heavy / Power Metal
Sweden (


1987? - 1988

Tony Niva - Vocals (Lion's Share, Axia, TGC, Master Massive, Swedish Erotica, Capricorn, Malibu Band, Niva, Oxygen)

Jan "Janne" Strandh - Guitar (Verdict, Act, Akt, Peterson, Master Massive, Twilight, Sobre Nocturne, Notrde Dame, FlintStens Med Stanley)

Yngve Frank - Guitar (Detest, Master Massive, Mean Streak)

Björn Elander - Bass

Bjarne "B.C. Strike" Johansson - Drums, Bass (Swedish Erotica, Godsache, Transport League, Yakida, Together, Drängarna, Shotgun Messiah, Skold)

Former / Past Members
C. Elth - Drums
Ex-ACT. Released a two 2-track demo in 1987, followed up by the 4-track demo  'Time Out Of Mind' later that year.
They disbanded in 1988 and J. Strandh joined Robert Peterson (formerly of Verdict, Rubycon)'s solo project, simply call Peterson.

Yngve Frank had a guest appearance on the DETEST demos 'The Meaning of Pain (1988)' and 'Death Dance (1989)'.
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