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Torch (Swe)

Torch (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1981 - present
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Östen "Dan Dark" Bidebo - Vocals (Swedish Metal Aid, Rust, Eccept, Bläästers)
Eric Rauti - Guitar (Dreamland, NME Within, Infinity)
Kenneth "Mr. Kennywise" Jonsson - Guitar (The Citadel, Tad Morose)
Jörgen "Poe" Andersson - Bass (The Citadel, Bloodbound, Soul Source)
Magnus "Dynamite" Ulfstedt - Drums (Lion's Share, Talisman, Grand Design, Royal Hunt, Eclipse, Mitch Malloy, Sha-Boom, Jimi Jamison)
Former / Past Members
Stefan Wedlund - Vocals (Black Widow)
Tomi Peltonen - Guitars (Madigan, Griffen)
Claus "Claus Wild" Wildt - Guitars (Swedish Metal Aid, Masi (Ita), Black Widow)
Christer "Chris J. First" First - Guitars (Crystal Pride, Swedish Metal Aid, Black Widow)
Greger "Ian Greg" Gerlehagen - Bass (Swedish Metal Aid, Black Widow)
Alex Jonsson - Bass (Tough Trade, Scaar, Days of Anger, Fatal Smile)
Håkan "Steve Streaker" Hedlund - Drums (Crystal Pride, Swedish Metal Aid, Avalon, Rust, Black Widow)
Kristian Huotari - Drums (Scaar, Griffen, Days of Anger)
Formed as BLACK WIDOW in 1979 by Chris J. First, Steve Streaker, Claus Wild and later joined by bassist Ian Greg and vocalist Stefan Wedlund. Stefan only made two concerts with the band before his vocal cords collapsed and BLACK WIDOW disbanded. However they found a new vocalist in 1981 called Östen "Dan Dark" Bidebo and the band was back on track again, now called TORCH. Their first release was the MLP 'Fire Raiser!!' released in 1982 on Tandan Records, followed up with a self-titled album in 1983. The songs that didn't fit on the album was released on a limited 12" MLP entitled 'Bad Girls'. TORCH had big success with the album and in autumn 1984 they was the first Swedish Heavy Metal band to ever play in Belgium and Holland.

TORCH released their 2nd album in 1984 entitled 'Electrikiss' and was also featured on the 'The Great Metal Attack Part 1 (1984)' compilation with the songs "Watchers of the Night" and "Electrikiss", they also had the songs "Warlock" and "Electrikiss" on the 'Sword - The Best In Scandinavian Rock (1985)' compilation . TORCH attended the Swedish Metal Aid project in 1985 and disbanded shortly afterwards.

Guitarist Claus Wildt moved to America to join MASI. Christer Firscht and drummer Steve Streaker (Håkan Hedlund) joined CRYSTAL PRIDE. Vocalist Dan Dark (Östen Bidebo) fronted a cover act called BLÄÄSTERS.

After a 20-year hiatus Dan Dark started to plan some reunion shows. Dan contacted the other guys from the original line-up but, for various reasons, none of them could or would re-join TORCH. So Dan set out by himself and put in the time and effort to once more set flame to the TORCH. Ultimately Dan enlisted bass player Alx Jonsson, guitarist Tomi Peltonen and drummer Kristian Huotari to and get the old metal machine rolling again.

They played the "Keep It True" festival in Germany, and had so much success they decided to keep going, and even record new material. Heart Of Steel Records signed TORCH for the 2009 album 'Dark Sinner', featuring re-recorded versions of the band's classic anthems as well as two never-before-released cuts.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Torch are an out-and-out Swedish FVASHM (First Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal) in the same style and leuge as Axewitch and Overdrive. Torch was formed 1980 by guitarist Christer "Chris J" First, drummer Håkan "Steve Streaker" Hedlund and guitarist Claus Wildt. They drafted singer Stefan Westlund who was soon replaced by Östen "Dan Dark" Bidebo. Bassist Greger "Ian Greg" Garlehagen soon completed the line-up. The band did several shows with bands like Motörhead and Warlock. The band finally split after 'Elektrikiss' and Claus played on Masi's second album, while Christer and Håkan were later in the reformed Crystal Pride and Östen in the cover bands Bläästers and Eccept. The song "Warlock" is found on the compilation 'Force Of The Blade (1986)'. In 2003 Östen resurrected Torch, but with a new recording line-up featuring drummer Kristian Houtari (Scaar, Griffen, Days of Anger), guitarist Tomi Peltonen (Griffen) and bass player Alex Jonsson (Scaar, Days of Anger). The band''s live line-up has also featured drummer Magnus Ulfstedt (Grand Design, live drummer for Lion's Share, Royal Hunt, Jimi Jamison etc) and guitarists Eric Rauti (Dreamland, NME Within, Infinity etc) and Kenneth Jonsson (The Citadel, Tad Morose) plus bass player Jörgen Andersson (The Citadel, Bloodbound, Soul Source). All albums have been reissued on CD, except 'Elektrikiss' because the record company wouldn't sell Metal Blade the rights.
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