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Orion's Sword (Swe)

Orion's Sword (Swe)
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Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Nov 1981 - 1986
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Peter Holgersson - Vocals, Guitar (Violet Rose)
Åke Möller - Bass, Guitar (Raving Mad, Noztalgica)
Janne Gustavsson - Drums (Violet Rose)
Ralle Johansson - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Leif Strömqvist - Vocals
Ingemar Söderlund - Bass
Morgan Gustavsson - Drums
Bio (from Metal Knights The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel 1983-85)
Orions Sword saw the light of day in November 1981. The very first line-up was Leif Strömqvist (vocals), Åke Möller (guitar), Ingemar Söderlund (bass), Morgan Gustavsson (drums) and a second guitarist who didn't last very long in the band as he felt the others played too loud and decided to sell his equipment!. In February 1982 Peter Holgersson took his place. With Peter in the band they started to rehearse more seriously. In October they entered a local rock band competition which they eventually won. Not so stranger perhaps when their opponents in the final never showed up!.

They weren't as lucky on the next couple of competitions they where in though as Leif and Ingemar got too drunk and screwed up both for themselves and the band. Ingermar got kicked out and Leif  decided to quit. In order to keep the band going Åke switched to bass and Peter also did the vocals. Orions Sword were a three-piece for a while before they entered another competition called Talang 83. Leif got another chance as a vocalist. The gig turned out to be another fiasco and Leif left the band for good this time. Also Morgan was kicked out after this. In August 1983 Janne Gustavsson joined Åke and Peter as the new drummer. Janne had played with Peter in a previous band for a couple of years.

In September, Orions Sword recorded six songs for their first demo which was called 'Charge'. With this tape they got featured in several fan- and magazines. In November Ralle Johansson joined the band as keyboard player. In July 1984 the band recorded another demo  called 'Volume II'. Several of the songs later ended up on the third demo, 'Send Out of Orion', that was recorded some six months later on. In 1985 things started to get moving for the band, they did plenty of gigs, got good reviews, recorded a promo video and was asked as the only unsigned band to appear on the Swedish Metal Aid project!.

During the winter 1985-86 the band recorded a fourth demo, 'Part IV'. The new songs were more commercial which led to conflicts within the band. In order to play some heavier music Åke joined the band Raving Mad as well, and after a few months he decided to leave Orions Sword to fully concentrate on Raving Mad. Ralle left the band shortly thereafter as well. Peter and Janne decided to continue with new members and under a new name, Violet Rose. Nowadays Peter is still singing, Åke is playing in a cover band called Noztalgica and Janne is in a Sweet cover band.

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ORIONS SWORD attended Swedish Metal Aid and was declared band of the month by the fanzine OKEJ (March 1985). Åke started as guitarplayer in the band but changed to bass after the formed bassist was fired (fucked up on stage). Åke Möller would later join the speed/thrashers RAVING MAD.
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