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- Demo, 1981
- Live at the Wednesday Piece (Onsdagsbiten), Bootleg CD 199x
- Best, Compilation CD 1998
- Breakin' Chains, CD 2001
- A Reunion Live, DVD 2011

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Silver Mountain (Swe)

Silver Mountain (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal / Neo-Classical Metal / Melodic Metal
Sweden (


1978 - 1989, 2000 - present
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Jonas Hansson - Vocals, Guitar (Sacrifice, Jonas Hansson Band, Legacy, Mountain of Power, Lizzy Borden)

Per "Pär" Stadin - Bass (Hickory Heads, Slem, Snake Charmer, Geff, Dave Nerge's Bulldog, Billionaires Boys Club, Coverboys)

Mats Bergentz - Drums (Hickory Heads, Syron Vanes, Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite, Mister Kite)

Erik Björn Nielsen - Keyboards (Atlas, Mosaik, Rockamöllan, Bag Of Rhythm, Jonas Hellborg)
Former / Past Members
Christer Mentzer - Vocals (Mentzer, Norden Light, Pyramid, Swedish Metal Aid, Nemo, Expressen, Valfritt, Imperium, The Great Family Orchestra, The Handleaders, V-Kom)

Sonny Larsson - Vocals (Motherlode, Leviticus, Charizma, Swedish Metal Aid, Narnia, XT, Björn Stigsson, The Rise, Inner Planet, Rolle & Planeterna, Kings of Modern Swing, Snake Charmer, Wolf)

Johan Dahlström - Vocals (Eyes, Colorstone)

Knut Akselsen - Vocals (Road (Nor))

Morgan Alm  - Guitars

Magnus Norling - Guitar

Lars Johan Yngve "Yngwie Malmsteen" Lannerbäck - Guitars (Highbrow, Steeler (USA), Alcatrazz, Burn, Powerhouse, Derek Sherinian, Sun Red Sun, MVP, Human Clay, Tone Norum, Radioactive, G3, Erika)

Ingemar Stenquist - Bass

Mikael Örnstam - Bass

Mårten Hedener - Drums

Anders Johansson - Drums (Hickory Heads, Grand Slam, Mansson, Rockslide?, Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force, Slem, Narnia, Keegan, HammerFall, Fullforce, Planet Alliance, Johansson, Jens Johansson, Stratovarius, Tears of Anger, The Johansson Brothers, Billionaires Boys Club, Coverboys, Station?)

Kjell Gustavsson - Drums

Jens Johansson - Keyboards (Hickory Heads, Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force, Slem, Mastermind, Stratovarius, Russell Allen's Atomic Soul, Johansson, Jens Johansson, The Johansson Brothers, Kotipelto, Dio)

Peter Hartman - Keyboards

Mats Olausson - Keyboards (Mentzer, Norden Light, Biscaya, Destiny, Glory, Lion's Share, Camera, Nadir, Von Rosen (guest), Tommy Tysper and the Kids (guest), Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Nemo, Baltimoore, Iron Mask, Ark, Evil Masquerade, Stygia, Kamelot, Tykoon, MVP, Eclipse, Bam Bam Boys, The Reign of Terror, V-Kom)
Offical Biography (from Metal Mind Reissue)
Silver Mountain is a legendary Scandinavian heavy metal group hailing from Malmo in Sweden. They appeared on the scene in late 70’s, only to dominate the 80’s with their original and inspirational music. Over the years they released four LPs and one live album, forever carving their name in heavy metal history. Metal Mind Productions presents the set of exclusive re-releases which brings back a true metal icon, delivering music that is timeless: The band was first assembled in 1978 by Jonas Hansson (guitar, vocals), Ingemar Stenquist (bass), Morgan Alm (guitar) and Marten Hedener (drums). Taking their name from a song by Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, the group begun crafting their own style, eventually releasing a single called “Man Of No Present Existence” in 1979. Unfortunately the single didn’t gain much popularity and the band begun to suffer from constant line-up changes. Over the next three years, a large number of local musicians fronted Silver Mountain (including none other than the Swedish guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen!), until finally in late 1982 a solid line-up has emerged. The group, consisting of Hansson, guitarist Per Stadin, keyboardist Jens Johansson and his brother Anders on drums, played together for almost two years to eventually sign a record deal with the acclaimed label Roadrunner Records. Thus, in March 1983, Silver Mountain’s debut LP – “Shakin’ Brains” – was finally released. The album brought a huge dose of electrifying hard rock/heavy metal, clearly inspired by Rainbow, Deep Purple and Iron Maiden. Brilliant guitarwork was the key feature of this release, instantly putting Silver Mountain on the top of the list of Swedish metal artists. Such songs as the organ-fueled “Spring Maiden”, the powerful “Destruction Song” and the enchanting piano ballad “King of the Sea” are to this day considered as timeless classics. With “Shakin’ Brains” Silver Mountain proved that Scandinavia has much to offer when it comes to traditional heavy metal.

Unfortunately, soon after the release of the debut LP, Jens and Anders Johansson departed to join Yngwie Malmsteen for the recording of his LP “Rising Force” (later on Jens went on to Stratovarious, while Anders joined Hammerfall). Hansson and Stadin re-employed the band’s original drummer Marten Hedener and along with new vocalist Christer Mentzer and session keyboardist Erik Nielsen they recorded their second album – “Universe” – in 1984. The LP didn’t gain a huge success in Europe, but surprisingly it became a big hit in Japan. The amazing response enabled the band to play an excessive tour over the entire country, which ended in recording a live album called “Hibiya – Live in Japan’85”. The album brilliantly captured the outstanding energy that emerged on that historical night (October 10th, 1985) at the Hibiya Yagai Ongaku-Do. The concert was a major success and brought the band many hopes for the future. Unfortunately, their third LP – “Roses & Champagne”, released in 1988 – did not manage to become as successful as the band expected it to be. Recorded with two new members – Johan Dahlstrom (vocals) and Kjell Gustavsson (drums) – the album was a solid release with a bunch of memorable songs like “Forest of Cries”, “Paradise Smile” and “Not You Baby”. Nevertheless, the poor sales forced Silver Mountain to disband in 1989…

After splitting up, most of the musicians went on to different projects, while founder Jonas Hansson concentrated on composing soundtracks and his solo career, forming the Jonas Hansson Band. But the legend of Silver Mountain was not forgotten – in 2000, the original line-up which recorded “Shakin’ Brains” got back together for a couple of shows and eventually decided to make one last album, containing left-over songs from the debut LP’s recording sessions. All songs were rewritten and recorded from scratch, brilliantly joining the old-school feeling with modern technology. Finally, “Breakin’ Chains” was released in 2001, immediately becoming a long-awaited metal classic, especially with such amazing songs as “Maniac”, “Axeman and the Virgin” and “Dance Around the Fire”. The band called it quits after this release, officially closing the last chapter of Silver Mountain’s history. Or did they?…

Whatever the future may bring, it is still good to look back at the past from time to time. This collection of re-released Silver Mountain albums brings a truly epic dose of prime classical heavy metal and captures all the best moments of one of the few Swedish legends who managed to make a difference in the metal world. So sit tight and buckle your seatbelts, as Silver Mountain takes you for a ride of your life!

(by Eduardo Rivadavia)
Often overlooked in the evolutionary process of what would come to be known as neo-classical heavy metal, Sweden's Silver Mountain are one of the great Scandinavian cult bands of the 1980s. Named for the famous song by Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Silver Mountain was first assembled in 1978 by vocalist/guitarist Jonas Hansson, guitarist Morgan Alm, bassist Ingemar Stenquist and drummer Marten Hedener; but this lineup would be short-lived, splintering after releasing just one unsuccessful single called "Man of No Present Existence" the next year. Numerous local musicians sifted through their ranks after that (including, it is said, future guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen), and it wasn't until late 1982 that a new record deal was finally struck with recently launched Dutch independent label Roadrunner Records. By then, a semi-stable foursome consisting of Hansson, bassist Per Stadin, keyboardist Jens Johansson and his drummer sibling Anders Johansson, had been playing together for nearly two years, and the resulting chemistry was clearly revealed by the band's 1983 album, the now underground classic Shakin' Brains. Effectively re-igniting the combustible union of metal and classical music where their original inspiration, Rainbow, had slacked off, Silver Mountain's debut received rave reviews in most heavy metal magazines and promised great things to come. Even when Jens and Anders Johansson suddenly decamped to join Malmsteen's nascent solo band the following year (ironically enough, they helped him sound more like Silver Mountain than any of his recent exploits), Hansson and Stadin simply rehired original drummer Hedener and, in a more surprising move, drafted a full-time singer and frontman in Christer Mentzer. Along with session keyboardist Erik Björn Nielsen, this lineup quickly recorded 1984's Universe to significantly smaller acclaim (more so than the recent defections, the consensus was that it was simply rushed) -- except in Japan, where hysterical response actually led to 1985's Hibiya -- Live in Japan album. Unfortunately, internal problems would soon set in once again, and the Silver Mountain responsible for 1988's last-gasp effort, the disappointingly drab AOR-dominated Roses and Champagne, contained yet another set of new members in Johan Dahlstrom (vocals) and Kjell Gustavsson (drums). Silver Mountain folded shortly thereafter, with Hansson keeping busy throughout the 1990s as a sometime soundtrack composer and his own Jonas Hansson Band. Then, in 2001, all four members of the group's "classic" Shakin' Brains decided to reconvene, turn back the clock, and record the not-surprisingly titled Breakin' Chains LP for old time's sake. In 2010 a Facebook group called “We who want to see Silver Mountain Live in Malmö” surfaced and the band decided to get together in various line-ups to do this show. The show was filmed and resulted in: “Silver Mountain A reunion Live 2010”. After that show Silver Mountain decided to continue and is currently working on a new studio-album.

Official Biography
(from Breakin’ Chains CD)
Most of you who have picked up this CD will fondly remember the days when the mention of a new heavy metal band from Sweden resulted in a thrilling electric shock to the nervous system. Swedish Metal always had its ”sound”, its ”feel” a unique creativity injected with tremendous energy and often tingling rawness, but always with plenty of huge hooks, riffs and terrific melodies. And make no mistake, this sound owes its origin, itís claim to fame, to Silver Mountain!

While early seventies hard rock acts like November showed that Sweden could rock, they were overshadowed by the pop music in the likes of Abba. Then, in the early 80s, the hard rock movement in this Nordic landscape finally set new traditions and standards. No band defined this clearer than a little Swedish four-piece called Silver Mountain.They quickly became to Sweden what Metallica were to the US, and Iron Maiden were to England. Formed in the late seventies by guitar virtuoso Jonas Hansson, whose influences ranged from Rainbow to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Silver Mountain rapidly scaled the ladder to became the new heroes of the Swedish metal explosion of a decade when heavy metal ruled the planet.

I can still recall hearing their debut album for the first time. Unrestricted by any misleading musical categories, the album was simply fantastic hard rock! We all had their demos. Tapes that have been circulating among the metal brigades for years along with demos from Metallica, Mercyful Fate, and other luminaries of the era. The metal press from fanzines like Metal Rendezvous to the mainstream press of Kerrang! was jumping all over this band. But finally in 1983, holding Shakin’ Brains in my hands was a highlight and dream come true. This debut album became a staple of the Swedish heavy metal movement by breaking down barriers with its spontaneous and uncompromising delivery and that unique “Swedish sound.” Hard rock did not have to be British or American any more. ”Aftermath”, ”Always,” and ”Vikings”. We all remember those classics! Musically, the four mountaineers were unparalleled masters of their skill! The guitar work of Jonas bordered on pure genius, the drumming of Anders Johansson became legendary. Keyboardist Jens Johansson recalled the glorious days of early Rainbow, and the many talents of bassist Per Stadin still amaze!

This versatility and musical brilliance actually led to the all too early downfall of the band. The individual members became much sought after musicians. The Johansson brothers were quickly grabbed up by the surging Rising Force Band headed by the ”other” Swedish guitar legend, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, and the core of the band fell apart. By 1985?s Universe, the band lost its momentum and gave way to a whole new generation of contenders like Torch, Overdrive, Candlemass, the immensely successful Europe, and later the likes of Tad Morose, Morgana Lefay, Midnight Sun, Nocturnal Rites and an avalanche of bands in the dark metal movement. All these bands had one thing in common: they had their paths paved by the Silver Mountain legacy!. In 1988 Silver Mountain did one last album ”Roses & Champagne”

As time went on, the four musicians went on to a variety of musical careers and successes. The Johansson brothers had gone on to perform and/or collaborate with a number of Internationally established and respected artists such as Ronnie James Dio, Ritchie Blackmore, Allan Holdsworth, Jonas Hellborg, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ginger Baker, and many others. Various solo projects individually and together graced the nineties until Jens settled with Stratovarius. Anders today is an integral part of Swedenís latest heavy metal heroes Hammerfall. Per is involved with his own project; Snake Charmer, and has collaborated with the likes of Glenn Hughes. And Jonas himself released a series of stirring solo albums (with the members from ”Alcatrazz etc.”) that kept the spirit of their early work alive and was an integral part of making this new CD a reality, as he played the role of writer, producer, musician, as well as video director (Jonas produced and directed the video for the album track ”Prophet Of Doom.”)

The CD you are now holding is the ultimate tribute! Not to the band (the musicianís reputation and current successes take care of that) but to the many fans around the globe hungry for nostalgia, days when heavy metal wasn’t labeled and categorized. Each band member took time away from their current projects to put this CD together for their old fans and a new generation alike. These are brand new recordings of some old favorites and some old rarities! Originally written for the band’s earliest demos, this album is full of hook-filled songs, recorded in Sweden, New York and Los Angeles with the classic, legendary lineup. Itís an album that bristles with high energy and excitement! Songs that hammer intense melodies and earthshaking riffs into your head; all the songs leave you breathless, exhausted but happy, just like they did twenty years ago. It makes nostalgia relevant, yet equally makes you long for the glorious days of yesteryear!

But lest we get too sentimental, let’s remember again that each member of Silver Mountain is still going strong. And let’s also remember that Silver Mountain have found their own comfortable niche in rock’s history, an ultimate testament to Swedish Metal, transcendental in their fluency, skill and adaptability. If anything, the glorious saga of Silver Mountain has now come full circle with the release of Breakin’ Chains. Long live rock’n roll,long live Swedish Metal, long live the memory of Silver Mountain! - John Strednansky (April 2001)

Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Jonas is definitely the mastermind behind this band, although this is the group that put the spotlight on two of Sweden's most interesting muisicians, Jens and Anders Johansson. Silver Mountain were formed in 1978. On the band's debut single the band consisted of Jonas, handling guitars and vocals, second guitarist Morgan Alm, bassist Ingemar Stenqvist and drummer Mårten Hedener. The line-up changed, seeing Mats Bergentz (later in Mister Kite) replace Hedener. In 1982 Jens joined onm keyboards and Anders replaced Bergentz. They were previously i nthe fusion band Slem, together with guitar ace-to-be, Erik Borelius. Per Stadin replaced Stenqvist on bass. The first recording this line-up did was the song "She Needs" for the compilation album 'Skånsk Rock II (1982)' This line-up unfortunately only lasted for the outstanding debut 'Shakin' Brains' The most hideous front cover, but an outstanding album, influenced by Rainbow and Deep Purple, but with a heavier edge. After the album Jens and Anders left to join Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force. There are actually some live demo recordings with Yngwie, Per, Jens and Anders from 1983, before they left. Former Pyramid singer Christer Mentzer and keyboard player Erik Björn Nielsen joined and drummer Mårten Hedener returned. The new Silver Mountain recorded the album 'Universe', which took the band in a more melodic direction. The same line-up also recorded 'Hibiya - Live in Japan'. The LP-version was touched up and "repaired" afterwards, however when the label put out the CD-version they used the original recording for some reason. On the next album 'Roses and Champagne', Johan Dahlström had replaced Mentzer. Before this they had also recorded some demos with singer Sonny Larsson (Motherlode, XT) and Knut Akselsen (from Norwegian band Road). Drummer Kjell Gustavsson then replaced Mårten Hedener.

The first track from this new constellation was featured on the 'Rock of Sweden' compilation, on which also features Jonas solo track "Stratovarious". This album, as well as 'Roses And Champagne' were released on Jonas own label Hex. There was also a compilation album recorded in 1983 where Jonas was featured on several tracks. It was entitled 'Streetwise' and was also financed by himself. There was supposed to be four different volumes, but only two were released. After 'Roses and Champagne' Jonas moved to the USA and after several demo recordings he released the CD 'No 1' in 1994. The first single and album show the absolute peak of Silver Mountain. I stated in my first book that reliable sources claimed a reunion was supposed to happen in 1996. Well, it actually took some time. In 2001 the original line-up finally recorded some of the old tunes. Actually without even getting together. Anders recorded the drums at his home in Anderslöv and Jonas did his parts in Los Angeles and Jens in New York. Modern technology, you know. The result was the album 'Breakin' Chains', which features rerecordings of unreleased demo tracks. A really great album actually. Jonas plays a guest solo on the Mountain cover "Land of Milk and Honey" recorded by Mountain of Power. He moved back to Sweden on 2008 and after seeing a group on Facebook demanding a reunion, he put on a big reunion show in Malmö 2010 featuring former members from the various line-ups. The show was filmed and released as the DVD 'A Reunion Live', in 2011. The band also played a number of festivals. The current line-up features Hansson, Stadin, Nielsen and Bergentz. In 2012 the new song, and accompanying video, "Breakin' Brains" was unearthed, proving the band is in serious songwriting mood. A new album should be expected.

Info (from Musicmight)
Initially an instrumental group SILVER MOUNTAIN, formed in 1978, were based around the duo of bassist Pär Stadin and vocalist/guitarist Jonas Hansson. Amongst the band's earliest members were keyboard player Jens Johansson and his drummer brother Anders Johansson, both of whom joined YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. The debut 1979 single, 'Man Of No Present Existence', featured a line-up of guitarist Morgan Alm, bassist Ingmar Stenqvist and drummer Mårten Hedener and SILVER MOUNTAIN added the Johansson brothers in 1982 from Jazz-fusion band SLEM.

SILVER MOUNTAIN's debut commercial release with the Johansson brothers came in the form of the track 'She Needs' on the 1982 GS Music compilation 'Skånsk Rock'. Both brothers quit to join YNGWIE MALMSTEEN after the 'Shakin Brains' album. There are bootlegs culled from jam sessions circulating that feature the Johansson brothers, Yngwie Malmsteen and Per Stadin from this period. For the 'Universe' album SILVER MOUNTAIN added erstwhile NORDEN LIGHT singer Christer Mentzer and re-recruited Hedener on drums. In mid 1986 SILVER MOUNTAIN changed vocalists from Mentzer to Johan Dahlström. Hedener also lost his place for the second time to new recruit Kjell Gustavsson.

Hansson pursued a solo project the JONAS HANSSON BAND with JOEY ALLEN PROJECT vocalist Stanley Rose, ex-ALCATRAZZ drummer Jan Uvena, and LEGACY and LIZZY BORDEN bassist Martin Andersson issuing the 1994 album 'No.1', 1996's 'Second To None' and a 1999 follow up 'The Rocks'. However, even by 1998 a full-blown SILVER MOUNTAIN reformation was heavily rumoured. 1999 found Anders Johansson performing on ACES HIGH's second album 'Pull No Punches'. SILVER MOUNTAIN, numbering Jonas Hansson, Anders Johansson, Per Stadin and Jens Johansson, finally released their reformation album 'Breakin' Chains', issued by the Japanese Avalon Marquee label, in the summer of 2001.

In 2006 Jonas Hansson released a further solo album, 'Valhallarama'. For this effort Hansson handled all aspects of the recording including guitar, vocals, all instruments, production, engineering, mixing and mastering. Unveiled in spring 2006, Pär Stadin and Anders Johansson featured in GEFF, the Hard Rock construct of singer Göran Edman, noted for a wealth of credits fronting the YNGWIE MALMSTEEN band, CROSSFADE, MADISON, KHARMA, XSAVIOR and GLORY amongst others, together with guitarist Ralf Jedestedt. Both Jonas Hansson and Marten Andersson contributed sessions on OVERDRIVE and LOCOMOTIVE BREATH guitarist Janne Stark's November 2006 MOUNTAIN OF POWER tribute collection.

Swedish Biography
Silver Mountain var först med mycket. Det var det första bandet som spelade på Pildammsteatern i Malmö, och det första svenska band som spelade in en liveskiva i Japan. De lade även grunden till genren som idag kallas neoclassical metal.

Bandet bildades 1978 i Malmö av Jonas Hansson (sång/gitarr), Morgan Alm (gitarr), Ingemar Stenquist (bas) och Mårten Hedener (trummor). De spelade tung, snabb och melodisk musik med influenser från klassisk musik, och släppte själva sin första singel, Man Of No Present Existence/Axeman And The Virgin. Kort därefter splittrades originaluppsättningen och flertalet olika musiker hoppade in under olika perioder.

1982 var Jonas Hansson den enda kvarvarande originalmedlemmen då övriga medlemmar hade ersatts av Per Stadin (bas) och den kände jazzpianisten Jan Johanssons söner Jens (keyboard) och Anders (trummor). Bandet skrev kontrakt med holländska Roadrunner Records, och året efter släpptes debutalbumet Shakin' Brains.

Albumet ledde till att Silver Mountain fick en hel del uppmärksamhet. Bland annat utnämndes de av amerikanska branchtidningar till ”Best New Band” och Jonas Hansson utnämndes till bästa gitarristen i Europa. Trots all positiv uppmärksamheten var det än en gång dags för medlemsbyte i bandet. Bröderna Johansson gick vidare till att spela i Yngwie Malmsteens soloprojekt Rising Force, och de ersattes av Erik Björn Nielsen (keyboard) och originalmedlemmen Mårten Hedener (trummor). Bandet utökades också med Christer Mentzer på sång.

Andra albumet, Universe, släpptes 1984. Det blev inte lika hyllat som föregångaren. Undantaget var Japan där skivan togs emot mycket väl. Uppmärksamheten där ledde till att Silver Mountain, som första svenska band, spelade in en liveplatta i Japan, Hibiya – Live in Japan '85.

Bandets tredje album, Roses And Champagne, släpptes 1988. Inte långt därefter splittrades bandet, och medlemmarna gick skilda vägar. Jonas Hansson har under 90-talet bland annat jobbat som filmmusikkompositör. Han har till exempel gjort musiken till trailers åt filmer som ”Hide and Seek” och ”Liftarens Guide till Galaxen”.

De medlemmar som var med och gjorde debutalbumet Shakin' Brains återförenades tillfälligt 2001 för att spela in ytterligare en platta, Breakin' Chains. Nio år senare, 2010, startade en grupp på Facebook med namnet ”Vi som vill se Silver Mountain på Pildammsteatern i augusti!” av ett gäng fans. De fick nästan som de ville. Bandet gick upp på scen 4 september samma år. Den scen som Silver Mountain som första band spelade på under slutet av 70-talet.
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