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Mansson (Swe)

Mansson (Swe)
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Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


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Ebbe Weile - Vocals

Michael Borup - Bass

Joakim "Jake" Sandberg - Guitar (Eyes, Aces High, Mountain Of Power (guest))

Michael Månsson - Guitar

Anders Johansson - Drums (Silver Mountain, Hickory Heads, Grand Slam, Rockslide?, Aces High, Narnia, Yngwie Malmsteen, HammerFall, Art Metal, Jens Johansson, Empire, Winterlong, The Johansson Brothers, Keegan, Planet Alliance, Station?)

Richard Andersson - Keyboards (Space Odyssey, Majestic, Adagio (Fra), Silver Seraph, Evil Masquerade, Expedition Delta, Iron Mask, Time Requiem)

Jonas Rhinegold (Midnight Sun, Opus Atlantica, Reptilian, Time Requiem)

Pete Sandberg (Midnight Sun, Alien, Jade, Opus Atlantica, Silver Seraph)

Peter Espinoza (Sadwings, Rampage, Nasty Idols, Reptilian, Majestic, Espinoza, Bai Bang, Desdemona, EV Project)
Thomas "Sandy Russel" Jörlöv - "Burning" Lyrics (Stormbringer, Phoenix, New Brand)

Features drummer Anders Johansson of SILVER MOUNTAIN, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and HAMMERFALL among others. Anders was one of the former members in SILVER MOUNTAIN and contributed on the compilation album 'Skånsk Rock I' with the song "She Needs" + on their full-length albums 'Shakin' Brains (1983)' and 'Braking the Chains (2001)'. MANSSON also features Richard Andersson of SPACE ODYSSEY, MAJESTIC, IRON MASK among others.
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