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Leviticus (Swe)

Leviticus (Swe)
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Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1981 - present
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Peo Pettersson - Vocals (Axia, X-Ray, Amity, FlintStens Med Stanley, Björn Stigsson (guest))
Håkan Andersson - Vocals, Bass
Björn Stigsson - Guitar, Vocals (XT)
Kjell Andersson - Drums
Niklas Edberger - Keyboards

Former / Past Members:
Terje "Terry H" Hjortander - Vocals, Guitar (Quinzy, Forest, Jet Circus)
Sven "Ez" Gomer - Vocals, Bass (Jet Circus, Veni Domine)
Sonny Larsson - Vocals (Motherlode, Silver Mountain, Charizma, Swedish Metal Aid, Narnia, XT, Björn Stigsson, The Rise, Inner Planet, Rolle & Planeterna, Kings of Modern Swing, Snake Charmer, Wolf)
Niklas Franklin - Bass, Vocals (Trinity)
Mick Nordström - Drums (90 Touring Member) (Borderline, T.E.R., Charizma (guest), Modest Attraction, Bengalen, Flagship, Stonefuze, Cornerstone, XT)
The band was founded by Björn Stigsson, Håkan Andersson and Kjell Andersson in the early 80?s. The band’s first record was released as a Maxi EP back in 1982, it included four tracks, and was titled ”Stå och titta på”, all lyrics in Swedish. The first album released by LEVITICUS , the last recording with Swedish lyrics, was released in 1983, and was titled ”Jag skall segra!”.

During the year 1984, things really started to take off. LEVITICUS released an English version of the album ”Jag skall segra!”, it was titled ”I shall conquer”. The band also got a contract with an american record label, and from now on, all LEVITICUS albums were released world-wide.

In 1985, LEVITICUS had a huge success with their new album ”The Strongest Power”. According to the american metal magazine ”Kerrang”, the album was ”one of the best records this year…”, and a lot of superlatives were written about the band. This year, LEVITICUS had their breakthrough worldwide.

In 1987, LEVITICUS released the album ”Setting fire to the earth”, which became a best-seller around the world, and which got lots of great reviews in many different music magazines. They
also contributed with the songs "Love is Love" and "Flames of Fire" on the 'Solid Rock Import (1987)' compilation. Before this recording, Håkan Andersson left the band and Ez Gomér replaced Håkan on the bass guitar, and Terry H. became the band’s lead singer.

In 1989, LEVITICUS released the album ”Knights of heaven”. This album was recorded and produced in the U.S.A. This album also got some great reviews in a lot of magazines worldwide. The Swedish newspaper ”Göteborgs-Posten” wrote ”LEVITICUS takes the top position in Swedish hardrock, together with Europe. On this album, Peo Pettersson replaced Terry H. on lead vocals and Niklas Franklin replaced Ez Gomér on the bass guitar. This album was produced by the famous Elefante brothers, John and Dino.

In 1993, LEVITICUS released the album , ”The best of Leviticus”, a collection of the best, and the most known songs released by the band.

After 13 years of silence, LEVITICUS got together again and started playing. The band released the album, ”Live at Bobfest 2003?. The line-up on this reunion was: Peo Pettersson on lead vocals, Björn Stigsson on guitars, Kjell Andersson on drums, Niklas Edberger on keyboards, and Niklas Franklin on bass guitar.

In 2011, LEVITICUS celebrate their 30 years anniversary. This celebration will result in an anniversary concert, on May 7, 2011, at Valhall in Skövde, Sweden. The line-up is the same as on Bobfest, 2003, with only one exception, Håkan Andersson is back again, on the bass guitar and on vocals.
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