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Stitch (Swe)

Stitch (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal (early) / AOR/Funk (later)
Sweden (

Tumba, Stockholm

Official Website

Sussie Ax - Vocals (Revanch)
Conel Winblad - Guitar (Göran Nordh (guest))
Ken "Getsz" Sundberg - Bass (Raceway, Wasa Express, Ion Olteanu Band, Funky Death Cap)
Jörgen "Joy Mallet / Jugge" Sverin - Drums (ESP)
Lars "Lasse" Nyström - Keyboard (Cat, Nannini/Nyström)

Former / Past Members
Robert "Bob" May - Vocals (Badland)
Leffe "Leff Geno" Lindström - Guitar
Jimmy "Neckles" Holmström - Guitar
Anders Wiberg - Drums (Raceway, Cartago, Fog)
Håkan "Ian" Haugland - Drums (Axia, Trilogy, Red Baron, Europe, Candlemass, John Norum, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Niva, Sha-boom, R.A.W., Baltimoore, Ten 67, Clockwise, Last Autumn's Dream, Glenn Hughes, Brazen Abbot, Nikolo Kotzev, Coldspell (guest))
Formed in the early 80's by Robert May - Vocals, Leff Lindström - Guitar, Jimmy Holmström - Guitar, Ken Sundberg - Bass and Jörgen Sverin - Drums. STITCH recorded a 7" entitled 'Devil's Deal / Touchin' the Stars' and a rehearsal tape in 1982. The time afterwards are not known but almost the complete original line-up seem to have been wiped out sometime between 1983 - 1985. Bob May had now been replaced with the young female vocalist Susie Ax. STITCH's sound had became a lot softer, now playing AOR / Pop / Funk. With this new line-up the band recorded a demo in 1985 and released a 7" single in 1988 on Sonet Records entitled 'You Light My Fire / Can't Fight This Feeling'.

An interview with Susie Ax on the Swedish Radio Program "Studio Skrän" can be found here.
-They are talking about how it's to be a female vocalist in the "hard rock" buisness, about their sound and how they got into "FUNK", about record deals (which they didn't had here) etc. The song "Funk" was written by the other members before Sussi went into the studio, she laughed at it but gave it chance.

Interesting facts:

-Håkan "Ian" Lindbladh of EUROPE was playing in STITCH for a short period.
-Sussi Axe played the role as Axet in the 1983 movie Blödaren. "Blödaren" was played by Åke Eriksson of BEDLAM.
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