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Missing in Discography
1977: Wasa Express
1978: On With The Action
1978: Till Attack
1979: Schack Matt
1979: Schack Matt / Wang Dang Boom Slang 7"
2004: Psyched

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Wasa Express (Swe)

Wasa Express (Swe)
Band Info
Progg / Jazz Rock / Rock
Sweden (


1976 - present
Official Website
Thomas Berglund - Guitar

Ulf Börjesson - Guitar (Acme Band, Anton Kraghe, Svenssons Treooo, Ulf Lundell, Robert Broberg)

Per Bruun - Bass (Jajja Band, Jaguar Fläsket Brinner, Gudibrallan, Steampacket, Fabulous Five, Mikael Ramel, Tom Zacharias, John Holm)

Bo "Bosse" Hallgren - Keyboard (Bootwigs, Pan Brazil)

Åke "Bedlam / Grotesque" Eriksson - Drums (Bedlam, Attack, Swedish Metal Aid, Realistic Fantasy, Östan Sol Västan Måne, Snickarbackens Verkstá, Freja, Egba, Kung Tung, Kebnekaijse, Bedlam Erixon, Dr. Åkes Recept)

Per Tjernberg - Percussion

Kjell Allinger - Organ
Former / Past Members
Anna-Sofia Börjesson - Vocals

Roger "Henry Coma" Holegård - Vocals, Guitar (Neon Rose, Truck)

Tony Borg - Guitar (Karl Brun & Highway, Dolce Vita, Aura, Vikivaki, Thomas & Lasse BG Band, E.F. Band (guest), Alien)

Cary Sharaf el Din - Guitar (Avalanche, Freja, Be Bop Bandit, Under Fire)

Bjarne Roupé - Guitar (Egba)

Ken "Getsz" Sundberg - Bass (Stitch, Ion Olteanu Band, Raceway, Funky Death Cap)

Mikael Berglund - Bass

Bo Häggström - Bass (Made In Sweden, Lea Riders Group, Solar Plexus, Musiksaga, Jojje Wadenius)

Anders Gustavsson - Saxophone

Nils Landgren - Trombone

Ulf Adåker - Trumpet (Egba)
Formed in the early 70's as KLARA EXPRESS by Bo Hallgren, Åke Eriksson, Bosse Häggström, Cary Sharaf el Din, Bjarne Roupé, Nils Landgren and Ulf Adåker. They recorded some material at Decibel Studio in 1975 which never was released officially. Shortly afterwards Ulf Adåker left the band and they changed their name to WASA EXPRESS.

The band recorded four albums from 1976 to 1979 when the group disbanded. Guitar player Cary later moved to New York and tried to make a career, he and Åke recorded a demo in 1983 together with vocalist Ellen Shaw at Electric Ladyland & Deodatos Studios, New York, US. Åke also  had some fame with ATTACK at this point. In the middle 80's he joined the WILDLIW boys in their new creation BEDLAM who recorded a couple of EP's and singles before disbanding.

After WASA EXPRESS being reunited briefly in 1986 they reunited for the second time in 2003 and then also recorded a CD titled 'Psychedelic Jazz Trance (2004)' followed up with 'Wasa Express Goes to Hollywood (2005)'.
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