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Six Feet Under (Swe)

Six Feet Under (Swe)
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Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1982 - 1985
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Björn Lodin - Vocals (Bedlam, Rainfall, Gathering Freak, Swedish Metal Aid, Vision, Ready Steady, Mattsson, Balls, Baltimoore, Krokus, Netz, Astral Groove, H.A.R.D., Moby Dick)

Thomas Larsson (1979 - 1984) - Guitar (Jammer, Baltimoore, Talisman, Yeah Bop Station, Glenn Hughes, Mountain of Power, King Siguurd, Thomas Larsson)

Kent Jansson (1979 - 1984) - Bass (Keen HueAquila, Fanny Adams)

Marcus Källström - Drums (Jammer, Sky High, Stonecake, Crumbukt, In Flight Entertainment, Death Organ)

Peter Östling - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Eric Jalmarsson - Vocals (Jammer)

Joakim "Joe" Larsson - Bass (Jammer, Power, Treat)

Claes "Clabbe" Annersjö - Drums (Gathering Freak)

Jonas Lööf - Drums (Vantage, King Siguurd)

Leif Sundin - Drums (Treat, Great King Rat, John Norum, Tykoon, Johansson Brothers, Michael Schenker Group)

Jan "Jamie J." Borger - Drums (Capricorn, Treat, Baltimoore, Talisman, Last Autumn's Dream, Alfonzetti, Swedish Beauty/Erotica)

Joel Lindgren - Keyboards

Örjan Fernström - Organ (Baltimoore)
SIX FEET UNDER are a noted act mainly due to the bluesey vocals of ex-RAINFALL vocalist Björn Lodin. For the second album SIX FEET UNDER added new drummer Marcus Källström. Indeed, following the second album, Larsson persevered for a while under the shortened title of SIX FEET with ex JAMMER vocalist Erik Hjalmarsson, bassist Joakim Larsson, keyboard player Joel Lidgren and ex-VANTAGE drummer Jonas Lööf before disintigrating after a recorded album was denied a release. Johan Larsson turned up later as part of TREAT. SIX FEET UNDER vocalist Björn Lodin joined BALTIMOORE before a brief stint with Swiss rockers KROKUS. Guitarist Tomas Larsson was to lend his skills to BALTIMOORE, JAMMER and YEAH BOP STATION. Larsson has also been a member of ex-DEEP PURPLE singer GLENN HUGHES solo project as well as recording his own solo album 'Freeride'.

Jansson united with KEEN HUE. Källström joined JAMMER, SKY HIGH and STONECAKE. Björn Lodin contributed guest lead vocal tracks to cover versions of BUDGIE's 'In For The Kill' and NEON ROSE's 'Love Rock' for inclusion on OVERDRIVE and LOCOMOTIVE BREATH guitarist Janne Stark's November 2006 MOUNTAIN OF POWER tribute collection. Thomas Larsson also donated his guitar skills to this project. - MusicMight

SIX FEET UNDER attended Kapprock 04/13-1983 together with TRYCKVÅG, IRON FIST, DEATH WISH, ALIEN DISEASE, HEAVY THUNDER, FUSION among others.
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