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Aquila (Swe)

Aquila (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (

Björbo, Gagnef

April 1988 - 1991
Mats Lissjanis - Vocals (Drängorkestern, Nåsspelmännen)
Johan Olsson/Bergsman - Guitar (Racoons & Moonshine)
Lars Alho - Bass (Project 88)
Per-Anders "Pelle" Hindén - Drums (HPC Band, Keen Hue, Deep Cee, Tension, B. Gärds, Century, Fanny Adams, Fretless, Eternal of Sweden)
Pontus "Coma" Larsson/Lekaregård - Keyboards (HPC Band, Deep Cee, B. Gärds, Eternal of Sweden)
Former / Past Members
Patrik Silén - Vocals (Keen Hue)
Patrik Carlsson - Vocals, Bass (Century, Fretless)
Mats Jonth - Vocals
Hans Persson - Guitar (HPC Band, Deep Cee, Century)
Kent Jansson - Bass (Keen Hue, Six Feet Under, Fanny Adams)
AQUILA was formed april/may 1988 by musicians from Björbo, Lindesnäs and Borlänge. The band lasted for a few years before disbanding. Some members formed DEEP CEE, but only some demos came out of it. Pelle played with KEEN HUE in the mid 90's and later with the cover band FANNY ADAMS. Pelle and Patrik are now found in the band FRETLESS. Pelle and Pontus are also found in ETERNAL and Johan plays in the cover band RACOONS & MOONSHINE.

Songs the band recorded
Dreams Of Africa (aug-88)
Love Is No Game (aug-88)
Running Around (feb-89)
Carry On (feb-89)
The Last Dance (feb-89)
Ready Or Not (sept-89)
I'll Build A Rocket (sept-89)
Raven (sept-89)
Sound Of The Guns (dec-89)
World Of Mystery (apr-90) (Pelle Hindén - Vocals)
Stop-give It Up (apr-90) (Pelle Hindén - Vocals)
Flying High (sept-90) (Patrik Silén - Vocals / Kent Jansson - Bass)
Someone To Hold (jan-91) (recorded for Kapprocken 1991)
Knocking On Heavens Door (jan-91) (recorded for Kapprocken 1991)
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