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- Demo #1, 1984

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Bedlam (Swe)

Bedlam (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal (AOR / Melodic Later)
Sweden (


1984 - 1988 (reformed 2007)
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Thomas "Jackie Thompson" Jacobsson - Guitar (WildliW, Swedish Metal Aid, Snakes In Paradise, Angel King)

Peter "Pete Carson" Karlsson - Guitar (WildliW, Swedish Metal Aid)

Bernt "Jack Davy" Ek - Bass, Lead Vocals (WildliW, Swedish Metal Aid, Wizz, Grace, The Station, House of Shakira)

Åke "Bedlam" Eriksson - Drums, Lead Vocals (Wasa/Klara Express, Attack, Swedish Metal Aid, Avalanche (US), Realistic Fantasy, Östan Sol Västan Måne, Snickarbackens Verkstá, Freja, Egba, Kung Tung, Kebnekaijse, Bedlam Erixon, Dr. Åkes Recept)
Former / Past Members
Mikael "Micke" Moberg - Vocals (Moon, Zeta, Z, Satisfied, Moberg-Talton, 2001, Nick Nack, The Man From The Moon)

Björn Lodin - Guitar, Vocals (Six Feet Under, Rainfall, Gathering Freak, Swedish Metal Aid, Vision, Ready Steady, Krokus, Netz, Mattsson, Astral Groove, Balls, Lars Eric Mattsson, H.A.R.D., Baltimoore)
Tomas, Peter and Bernt was all in the rock group WILDLIW. When they moved to Stockholm their drummer couldn't go with them so they recruted Åke Eriksson of WASA EXPRESS and changed name to BEDLAM. This line-up recorded their debut single in 1985; 'Take It To The Top / Live It Up' followed up with the album 'The Beauties and the Beast (1985)' and then the single 'Tiger Feet' shortly after.

The song "Take It To The Top" was also featured on the compilation album 'Rocket: Caught in Steel (1985)'. Mikael "Micke" Moberg joined the band around 1986 and songs was recorded for a new album, it was sadly never released - but exists as digital form at their Website. Björn Lodin of SIX FEET UNDER joined the band a short time just before the band split at the end of 1988.

BEDLAM reformed in 2007 with the former line-up and recorded a demo. The song "Hot Rocking"  got some attention on Swedish Radio but nothing else sadly came out of it. The band are on hold/split up today.
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