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Pipeline (Swe / Solna)

Pipeline (Swe / Solna)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Melodic Rock
Sweden (

Solna, Stockholm

Stefan Gyllenklev - Vocals

Patrick Areklew - Guitar (Ring of Fire, Joyride, The Roots, Forbes, Little Gerhard, Rock Ragge, Rockfolket, Popfolket, Sound Express, Svenne Hedlund, Eddie Oliva, Bert-Åke Varg, Tommy Blom, Lennart Grahn & Shanes, Good Time Rollers, Janne Önnerud & Co, Håkan Lundqvists Orkester, Janne Rohde, Tord Jansson, Rockande Samen, Kenneth Swanström, Rock Boris, Billy Gezon, Mia Lindgren & Roots, Panikorkestern, Beatniks, Uffe Larsson, Nattskift, Göran Ringbom, Willie & The Ripoffs, Intact, Sticky Fingers, Björnsson, Mike Florette & The Florettes, Public Adress, Stefan Rosén Band, Lill-Jannes Orkester, Mats Rådberg, Red Jenkins, Joe Diamond, Ann Tayler, Jive, Micke Muster, Jokkmokks Jocke, Doktor Krall)

Claes "Fille" Lindström - Bass (Blacksmith, Trash, Attack, Benny Jansson)

Stephen Rossi - Drums (Lustans Lakejer, Hipshot)
Not to be confused with Pipeline who released the single '6:e Juni / Reggae In The Sunset, 1981'.

Had the song "I Want You" on the 'Apromus Live - EP (1980)'.
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