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Attack (Swe)

Attack (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (

Huddinge, Stockholm

1980 - 1985 (reformed 1991)
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Anne-Mi "Rosa" Körberg - Vocals (Rosa Körberg)
Björn Uhr - Guitar (Clown, Tempelrock, Solid Ground, Rosa Körberg)
Claes "Fille" Lindström - Bass (Blacksmith, Trash, Pipeline, Benny Jansson)
Åke "Bedlam" Eriksson - Drums  (Wasa Express, Bedlam, Swedish Metal Aid, Realistic Fantasy, Östan Sol Västan Måne, Snickarbackens Verkstá, Freja, Egba, Kung Tung, Kebnekaijse, Bedlam Erixon, Dr. Åkes Recept)
Former / Past Members
Peter "P-J" Jägerhult - Bass (Trash, Tempelrock, The Boys Are Back In Town, 2001, Mia Alasjö))
Swedish rock group from Huddinge, Stockholm fronted by female vocalist Rosa Körberg (sister of Tommy Körberg). The name of their debut LP 'Vampyrrock (1980)' was taken from the French band SHAKIN STREET album 'Vampire Rock (1978)'. However the bands big success started with their second album and the song "Ooa Hela Natten" which sold gold and platinum (over 100.000 copies sold). They recorded one more album 'Full Fart Framåt (1982)' + a couple of singels and later disbanded in 1985.

The band reunited for the "Noice/Factory/Attack" 1991 and Magnum Bonum/Factory/Attack 1992 tours and are since then still playing together.
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