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Acme Band (Swe)

Acme Band (Swe)
Band Info
Rock 'n Roll / Progressive / Symphonic Rock
Sweden (


19XX - ca 1982
Ulf Börjesson - Vocals, Guitar (Anton Kraghe, Wasa Express, Svenssons Treooo, Ulf Lundell, Robert Broberg)
Lennart Ståhle - Bass (Anton Kraghe, Studz, ReproRappers)
Magnus Larsson - Drums (Anton Kraghe)
Martin Andersson - Keyboard (Funk Off, Ten For Sale)
Former / Past Members
Tore Sundgren - Electric Piano
Formed under the name ANTON KRAGHE featuring Peter Falk, Lennart Ståhle, Magnus Larsson and Uffe Börjesson. Peter quit after a while and the name was changed ACME BAND. Acme played everything from Rock, Punk, Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Blues Rock to Rock'n Roll, Dance Music and Synth Pop. They recorded their one and only single at Tonkraft (where Uffe also worked as a music teacher & engineer at the time). ACME split ca '82 after Uffe moved to Stockholm to work at the music shop SoundSide. (trivia: The 70's danceband UlfLennertz contributes on the song "Svensktoppsraggare".)

Today Magnus works as an engineer at Sveriges Radio, Växjö. Martin works at Göteborgsoperan and Uffe runs his own studio Ear Hear Musik & Ljud AB as well playing guitar in Wasas Express.
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