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Aura (Swe)

Aura (Swe)
Band Info
Symphonic Rock
Sweden (


1978 - present
Official Website
Lennart "Lennie Andrews" Hellberg - Vocals, Guitar, Keys (Stenungekören)
Janne Svensson - Guitar
Urban Wingård - Bass, Vocals
Tommy Pettersson - Drums (Stenungekören)
Former / Past Members
Tony Borg - Guitar (Karl Brun & Highway, Dolce Vita, Wasa Express, Vikivaki, Thomas & Lasse BG, E.F. Band, Alien)
Tomas Reinerson - Bass (Rebel Gel, Två Mot En, Zero Illusions, Kiwi, Francie Conway, 7th Planet, Mad Architect)
Rolf - Bass
Raoul "Rolle" Tyrbrink - Drums, Vocals
Ulf Mårtensson - Drums (Älgarnas Trädgård, Combo 8)
Roger Kjönsberg - Drums
Mats Hultquist
Formed in Gothenburg in the late 70s by Lennie Andrews (then Lennart Hellberg) and Mats Hultqvist. AURA toured throughout the 80's with the rock musicals "Heden", "Miljösagan Lunden" and "Dalen", "Dalen" was played during the years 1984-87 all over Sweden (approximately 80 performances) and a total audience of approximately 50,000. Besides youths from Nya Lundenskolan in Gothenburg, participated Urban Wingård (bass, keyboards), Tony Borg (Guitar) and of Lennie Andrews (keyboards, guitar & vocals).
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