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Trazer (Swe / Jönköping)

Trazer (Swe / Jönköping)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1979 - XXXX
Claes Hernegård - Vocals (Zaragon, Twilight Project, Fair Exchange)
Magnus Ljungqvist - Guitar, Vocals
Jan "Janne" Karlsson - Bass (Why Not, Dressed To Kiss)
Håkan Fridhagen - Drums (Why Not, Dressed To Kiss)
Former / Past Members
Peter "Pete Blakk" Jacobsson - Lead Vocals, Guitar (E.F. Band, Crystal Thanatus, Disaster Peace, Blakk Totem, Geisha, King Diamond, Maryann Cotton (Dnk))
HR/HM act from Jönköping, Sweden. Released the single 'Street Fighter /  Badly Reason' in -81. They almost got signed with EMI but were to heavy for the Scandinavian market at that time. Claes Hernegård replaced Peter Jacobsson shortly after the release of the single. Peter went on to play with E.F. BAND and later KING DIAMOND, GEISHA, TOTEM etc. After TRAZER disbanded, Claes joined ZARAGON and later TWILIGHT PROJECT. Janne and Håkan are today active in the cover band WHY NOT together with Peter Tillgren of EAST END. The band also includes Eddie Windborg of GREEN SLEEVES.
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