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Metal Mercy (Swe)

Metal Mercy (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Power / Thrash Metal
Sweden (


1986 - XXXX
Bengt "Boogi" Igefors - Vocals (Colorblind)
Janusz Fursa  - Guitar (Colorblind, Hellspray, Piece of Clay)
Ulrik Zander - Bass (Vulgärt Rivjärn, Deals Death, Colorblind, Majestic Dimension)
Mikael Hilmersson - Drums (Colorblind, Zaragon, Twilight Project)
Former / Past Members
Nicklas Arvidsson - Guitar
Mathias Persson - Guitar (Yokel Lips?, Seven Seas?, Marshal Kane?, Razed?)
Jörgen Ploewka - Guitar
Leif Andersson - Bass (Allan Beddo Band)
Basse Norberg - Drums
METAL MERCY changed their name to ANONA after the release of the MLP 'The Unborn Child (1989)' due to legal pressures. Following a track, 'Dark Life', included on the Planet Records compilation album 'Loud n' Proud', bassist Leif Andersson was replaced by Ulrik Zander. The band had another shift in personnel when guitarist Nicklas Arvidsson made way for Mathias Persson.

With an almost new look to the band a new title was adopted in TEN FEET TALL. However, Persson was to depart and in came Mattias Henriksson as the band changed names yet again, this time to COLOURBLIND and releasing a debut album in 1995.
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