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- 5tr MCD, 1993

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Allan Beddo Band (Swe)

Allan Beddo Band (Swe)
Band Info
Blues Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


ca 1985 - present
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Hans "Hasse" Frendin - Vocals, Drums (Cruise)
Tommy Hjälmberg - Guitar (Cruise)
Peter Dahlstrand - Bass, Vocals

Former / Past Members
Christian Johansson - Vocals (Yokel Lips)
Fabian "Fabbe" Stanojevic - Vocals
Berno Larsson - Vocals
Pierre Nilsson - Guitar, Vocals
Leif Andersson - Bass (Metal Mercy)
Björn Evaldsson - Bass, Vocals (Cruise)
Kent Pettersson - Bass
Gösta Pettersson - Drums (Ebon Lundins Kapell)
Mikael "Mick" Andersson - Drums
Jan "Esse" Nilsson - Drums
Jan "Janne" Johansson/Algstrand - Keyboards (Cruise)
Mats Qwarfordt - Harmonica
Formed spring 1984 as CRUISE by Tommy Hjälmberg, Jan Johansson, Hans Frendin and Björn Evaldsson. The band toured around Jönköping in the summer 1984 and also recorded a demo-tape. Hans and Björn left the band in late 1984. CRUISE continued to play together with shifting vocalists, bassists and drummers for 2 years until 1986 when they got permanent members to fill these gaps: Kent Pettersson - Bass, Jan-Esse Nilsson - Drums and Fabian Stanojevic - Vocals. At this point they also changed their name to ALLAN BEDDO BAND. A single was released on Platina Records in 1988 and a selftitled 5-track EP in 1993. The band are still active today with Tommy and Hans as the original members.
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