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Seven Seas (Swe)

Seven Seas
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Habo, Jönköping

1986 - 1987
Christian Liljegren - Vocals (Borderline, Venture, Trivial, Trinity, Razed, Narnia, Creed, Golden Resurrection, Modest Attraction, Flagship, Audiovision, Divinefire, Ken Adler Band)
Simeon "Simme" Liljegren - Guitars (Borderline, Disciple, Razed, Audiovision, Modest Attraction, Pantokrator)
Mattias Persson - Guitar (Yokel Lips, Metal Mercy?, Marshal Kane?, Razed)
Christian Eriksson - Bass (Razed)
Sven Isaksson - Drums (Razed)
Official Bio (by Christian Liljegren)
Summer of 1986 I joined my first band ever. It was called Seven Seas, named after a song on the Norwegian hardrockers TNT's debutalbum. We were influenced by bands that were huge at that time like Accept, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Crimson Glory and Ozzy.

I did my first show on stage in my home village called Habo in the southern parts of Sweden the 18th of November the same year. We also recorded our first written song called "For Our Souls" on a 4 channel tape recorder. That song was always requested when we performed live. We had lots of twinguitars in our songs. We were very young, 13-15 years old. It really was an exciting time.

We rehearsed a lot with Seven Seas and we changed the name to Razed and did some shows in our local area. During the summer we did a new demo with 3 songs on the same 4 channel tape recorder.

That was the end for me in Razed because I was more into bands like Europe, Malmsteen and Rainbow. Razed wanted to move in another musical direction but it was hard for me to find people that had the same taste as me. In the same year I went to high school in Jönköping, not far from Habo. At school I met people that wanted to form a band. So we did and the band turned out to be called Venture.
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