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- Demos (2 recorded)
- Greatest Hits, Cassette 1991 [Aktiv Ungdom]

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Marshal Kane (Swe)

Marshal Kane (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


1986 - 1992
Michael Williams/Ahlström - Vocals (Violent Divine, Sefanja, Avenue, Blueplastic)
Claes "Qnta/Klas Wollberg" Wållberg - Guitar (Axewitch, Peking SS, S.A.W.) R.I.P.
Johan Helander - Bass (Mingoz Amigoz)
Morgan "Kane" Hjelm - Drums (Sefanja, Avenue)
Patrik Strömbäck - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Mikael "Kvista" Qvist - Guitar (Sleazy Roze, Violent Divine, Haunted by Destiny, Nifters)
Christian "Chrille" Fecht - Guitar (Captain Freaks Freaky Funkers, Battle Station, Millhouse, Stone Cold Crazy)
Patrik Ekstedt - Guitar
Håkan Sjöö - Bass
Stefan "Steffe" Petersson - Bass (Sleazy Roze, Sefanja, Blueplastic)
Gustav "Gutte" Liljenström - Drums (Captain Freaks Freaky Funkers, Pole Position, Violent Divine, Battle Station, Millhouse)
Peter Ekblom - Drums
Micke Lazar - Drums
Mattias Persson - Keyboards (MegaVision)
Stefan Andersson - Keyboards (MegaVision)
Biography (with help from Michael Williams/Ahlström)
Formed in 1986. Marshal Kane released a single, a maxi ep a greatest hits cassette in 1991 as well a couple of demos before splitting up in 1992. Claes earlier played in Axewitch, while Ahlström moved on to Blueplastic and later Violent Divine. At some point Violent Divine members Mikael Qvist and Gustaf Liljenström were also part of Marshal Kane. Ahlström have produced and enginereed the singles for Norrköping bands Happy Hour and Empty GUNS (where Marshal Kane/Axewitch guitarist Claes Wållberg co-writed the lyrics). Claes sadly passed away in 1996.
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