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Bhonus (Swe)

Bhonus (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Rock / AOR / Dance Music
Sweden (

Sätila, Gothenburg

1972 - present
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Members over the years
Jonas Blum 2001-2005 (Dizziness, Pole Position, Sleazy, Heartline, Rebels, Reptilian, Vagh, Majestic, Optimystical, Per de Flon, Goda Grannar)
Nick Borgen 1984 (Thomas och Lasse BG Band, Steelwings (guest), Stry (guest), Alpha, Company of Friends, Nick Borgen med Scandinavians)
Ingemar Andersson
Göran Persson
Hans Östh 1972-
Kenneth Adolfsson
Claes-Göran Forsgren
Anders Honk
Sune Strand
Harry Sandberg
Bengt-Arne Eriksson
Hasse Schmid
Lars-Ove Bengtsson
Thomas Andersson
Erkki Tossavainen
Rolf Kimfors
Ulf Georgsson 1980-
Björn Görrel
Jörgen Flach
Kent Pettersson 1989-1995
Stefan Lengstrand 1984-1997
Ulf Esborn 1988-2003
Bo Larsson 1997-2005
Peter Larsson 1997-2001, 2005-2008
Tomas Edström 2004- 2008
Magnus Zetterqvist 2005-
Thomas Wennerström 1987-1992, 2008-
Marcus Fernholm 2008-2011
BHONUS from Gothenburg are mentioned in ‘The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal’ due to the rare vinyl single ‘Ögon Som Vaknar’ that were released on Ewita records in 1982. The band however started as early as 1972 and has been releasing material since 1974. The 70s material however are typical Swedish dance music that were popular at the time and sung in Swedish. In 1981 they released a self titled cassette that featured 13 tracks and 11 of them were done in English. Many of these were covers of tracks written by artists like Bruce Springsteen, Gerry Rafferty, Bryan Adams and so on.
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