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Disciple (Swe)

Disciple (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (

Nässjö?, Jönköping?

Tomas Claesson - Vocals (Seven Signs)
Robert Carlsson - Guitar (Seven Signs)
Simeon "Simme" Liljegren - Guitar (Borderline, Seven Seas, Modest Attraction, Razed, Audiovision, Pantokrator)
Fredrik Wattwil - Bass (Seven Signs)
Mats Fransson - Drums
Jan "Janne" Samefors - Keyboards (Seven Signs, Emotion, The Mercenaries, Drömfemman, Narnia (guest))
Melodic hard rock act  featuring Simeon Liljegren (brother of Narnia/Golden Resurrection singer Christian Liljegren). The band recorded a single in 1991 and also released a cassette in 1990 entitled 'Paradise'. The band later reformed as Seven Signs (released a 4-track cassette in 1992).
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