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- Heartcry, CD 1997
- Ökenland, CD 1997
- Lightmaker, CD 2005
- Firehouse, CD 2006

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Heartcry (Swe)

Heartcry (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Metal / AOR
Sweden (


1989 - present?
Official Website
Anders Johansson - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion (Johannes, Green Sleeves)
Björn Klingvall - Bass (Lena-Maria)
Anders Köllerfors - Drums (Ylenfors - Johansson)
Dan Tibell - Keyboards, Organ, Percussion (Agape X, Jerusalem, Björn Stigsson (guest))
Former / Past Members
Dan Boström - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard (Twilight Project (guest))
Jerry Grimaldi - Bass (Freda', Mississippi)
Jörgen Olausson - Bass (Glamour?)
Mike Sand - Bass
Jack Kelly - Drums (Lena-Maria)
Urban Ström - Drums
Pelle Petersson - Drums (Johannes, Green Sleeves, Emotion?)
Christian Eidevald - Drums (Borderline)
Mick Nordström - Drums (Borderline, Leviticus, T.E.R., Charizma (guest), Modest Attraction, Bengalen, Flagship, Stonefuze, XT, Cornerstone)
Anders Carlsson/Tingsvik - Keyboards (Retrace)
Official Biography
The story of Heartcry started in the late 1980. Anders Johansson had played with band called Green Sleeves between -1978 to 1983 and Johannes from 1983 to 1989. Anders wanted to try something different so he started to work on a project called Heartcry. It was meant to be a solo project and he started out with his old friend DanTibell to do an Album called “Come Back Home” They went to Sodermalm studios in Stockholm and with Kjell Lundstrom they recorded the tracks of the very first Heartcry Album. Kjell Lundstrom had been working in Eagle Mountain Studios in USA and had returned home to Sweden and they liked the way Kjell worked with the songs. The style in that time was more Light- rock and kind of Pop-rock style. The musicians on the album was …Jack Kelly - Drums (he’s tracks were recorded in Texas USA) Jerry Grimaldi - Bass. Pelle Petersson - Drums, Dan Tibell - Keyboards and Hammond organ, Irene Myrberg - Backing vocals. 1990 the Record hit the market and were received quite well, played on radio a lot and the Videos “Chosen” and “The clown” were shown at some TV stations (made by David Stavenow) The managers to the band failed big time promoting the record and only about 4000 records were sold world wide. After some time trying to get musicians for touring with “project Heartcry” Anders got tired of trying all the time to get it to work, so he formed Heartcry as a Band.

The very first lineup was...
Anders Johansson, Guitar and Vocals
Mick Nordstrom, Drums (Urban Strom, drums replaced Mick -91 to -96)
Mike Sand, Bass
Irene Myrberg, Backing Vocals
Anders Carlson, Keyboards

Touring. A long touring period took place between -91 and -96 including a seven days long Polen Tour. Finally a follower to the Album “come back home” came to place in -96. A CD called quite simply “Heartcry”. The lyrics were in Swedish and also the next CD “ökenland” (dessert land -97) were in Swedish. In Japan, thanks to Janne Stark (Stark Music) the band got a smaller success. (Janne Stark also wrote about “Johannes” in his Book “Swedish Hard Rock Heavy Metal) The Record company Chinseido released a special CD with the band, but the lyrics in Swedish wasn’t such a smart thing, so it quickly disappeared from the market. Back in Sweden Heartcrys song “lottofeber” (gambling fever) got voted to best song 1997 by Naxos Sweden, so it went quit well for the band.

The lineup in -96 was..
Anders Johansson, Guitar and Vocals
Jorgen Olausson, Bass
Anders Carlsson/Tingsvik, Keyboards. (Dan Bostrom, Guitar, replaced the Keyboard in -98)
Christian Eidevald, Drums

Anders got tired. In -99 Anders felt it hard to perform and carry the load of the band, he was tired trying getting around and missed his old friend Anders Carlsson/Tingsvik. Anders J and his Family had worked very hard the last 10 years and it started to take its toll, so they finally decided to take a very hard decision and move from Jonkoping to a smaller town called Savsjo. The Band was put on ice and a 3 year long rest begun.

New visions. Anders was happy living a quiet normal life not working and touring all the time, spending time with his family and painting the house, building a swimming pool seemed to be the medicine to get the inspiration back. After three years long rest, the vision of Heartcry begun to fly again. New songs were made and getting together with old friends from “Green Sleeves” and doing some recordings did the trick. After a meeting with Anders Kollerfors, drums, Bjorn Klingvall, Bass and DanTibell Keyboards/Hammond organ in 2004, Anders felt the need to get a new fresh start with Heartcry.

Back on track the boys started what would become “lightmaker”. Recorded in Anders “Vital Music Studio” (Produced by Andy Johnson) Anders now felt that for the first time ever, he could be happy with the sound and the recordings. After the making of “Lightmaker” he talked with Rivel Records about a release world wide. He got the response he was locking for, and Jan 26 -05 “The Heartcry will be out there again, this time with the best line up ever. Well there will be a lot more to tell about this band, and time will tell.- Andy Johnson, Producer. 19/1 2005

Info from  Janne Stark's Encyclopedia

Anders Johansson, Pelle Pettersson and bass player Mikael Hed were previously known as Christian hard rockers Johannes, under which name they recorded a single. They changed line-up, style and name to Heartcry, still with a Christian message. The first album is half pop-oriented AOR, and half heavier and guitar-based. Then featuring Anders, keyboardist Dan Tibell (Jerusalem, Agape) bassist Jerry Grimaldi, drummer Jack Kelly and drummer Pelle Pettersson. The second album is heavy-edged AOR sung in Swedish. The line-up now featured Anders, Anders Tingsvik (k), Jörgen Olausson (b) and Christian Eidevald (d). You can also find the track "Going Home" on the 'Twisted Sounds' compilation. On the third album, also sung in Swedish, the band was a trio with keyboard player Tingsvik out of the band. After some years of silence the band was suddenly resurrected and released through the label owned by Narnia singer Christian Liljegren (aka Rivel). The line-up offered some new changes with Anders still in the lead, Dan Tibell back on keyboards and now backed up by bass player Björn Klingvall and drummer Anders Köllerfors. The album had a more metal approach at times with a touch of Rainbow, all in English and with an absolutely horrible production. The subsequent album 'Firehouse' contains six tracks from the first LP only release and six new songs, actually sounding really consistent anyway, which also goes for the mix. The musicians on the album were a mix of earlier members such as all three drummers and both bass players besides Anders and Dan. Anders later formed metal band Green Sleeves.
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