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Vagabond (Swe)

Vagabond (Swe)
Band Info
Pop / Rock / AOR / Melodic Rock
Sweden (


1989 - 1992
Official Website
Jana Persson - Vocals, Guitar (Fullmakt, Tumbleweed Trail, Roland Utbult, Licence, Think Twice, Strummindude)

Johan Dereborn - Vocals, Bass (Eddy Malm Band, Suzzies Orkester, Johan Wahlström Band, The Boppes, Gaston, BB and The Medicine Men, Tumbleweed Trail, Åsa Schmalenbach, Tomas Boström Mats Möller)

Ulf Hedin - Guitar (Tumbleweed Trail)

Mikael "Micke" Kerslow - Drums (Eddy Malm Band, Highbrow, Suzzies Orkester, Johan Wahlström Band, Myrra)

Robert Wirensjö - Keyboards (Agape X, Tumbleweed Trail, Think Twice, Johan Wahlström Band, Ellen B)
The band Vagabond existed 1989-1992. They never got so far as to produce their own full-length album, but one single, “Även I Mitt Liv”,  was released for Planet Records in the spring of 1991, and managed to become a minor hit, with regular plays on nationwide radio.
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