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Greensleeves (Swe)

Greensleeves (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1979 - 1983 (reformed 2005)
Official Website
Anders "Andy" Johansson - Lead Vocals, Guitar (Johannes, Heartcry)
Peter Ottosson - Guitar (Mr Euphoria?)
Ulf Magnusson - Bass
Eddie Windborg - Drums (Why Not, Dressed To Kill)
Former / Past Members
Pelle Petersson - Drums (Johannes, Heartcry)
The GREEN SLEEVES story began in Vetlanda Sweden in late -79. After some time of searching for the right sound and band-name in different Bands Anders/ Guitars & Vocals, Pelle/ Drums, Ulf /Bass decided to form a simple Rock Line Up called GREEN SLEEVES. Writing their own songs and playing some Purple Covers they started off playing at local places in the county of Jonkoping Sweden. With their own Sound & Light equipment they stand out a lot in the local music world. But something were missing, a more heavy sound! Peter Ottosson who worked as a sound engineer with the band at that time played the guitar and was asked to come for a session with the band, with great results.

Now the sound and attitude were right and "Priest & Saxon" became raw models. GREEN SLEEVES became known as the band with a great show with a lot of smoke and fire. A lot of "Demos" were made in the years to follow and in -81 Swedish Radios recorded GREEN SLEEVES Live and brought it to the listeners twice, a very popular show indeed. 1982 a Live Album were made with some local bands from the town Vetlanda called "Rock 82 Vetlanda" with some good results for the band. In the late -83 the band members decided to go separate ways. Anders Johansson and Pelle Petersson formed JOHANNES the same year. Anders later went on to play with HEARTCRY.

In -93 it was time to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of the "Rock-82" recording. GREEN SLEEVES played "live" again. In -97 the band got together one more time to perform at a bar in Vetlanda Hotel and the boys started talking about getting together full time and start up the band. But the time wasn't right. In 1999 the band got together to record some old songs, just for fun! And the magic was there!

In the early 2005 the boys in GREEN SLEEVES decided to meet for a little talk, the GREEN SLEEVES magic wasn't dead! They wanted more. And so it came to pass, GREEN SLEEVES was reborn! And the rehearsals did go well and releases of albums is a reality and off course live performance with thunder and lightning all rapt up in glowing steel.

Eddie Windborg are today active in the cover band WHY NOT together with Janne Karlsson and Håkan Fridhagen of TRAZER, the band also includes Peter Tillgren of EAST END.
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