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Retrace (Swe)

Retrace (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (


Early 80's - 1990

Samuel Waermö - Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Olofson - Bass
Leif Hedberg - Drums (Big Train, Osmo Band)
Anders Carlsson/Tingsvik - Keyboards (Heartcry)

Former / Past Members
Tolle Cronholm - Guitars
Info (from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia)
The band was formed in the early 80's, at first with two guitarists, but keyboardist Anders Carlsson replaced one of them. The band was offered a deal with UK label Kingsway that fell through. They recorded a 6-track demo in 1988 and later recorded the single in the local Match Town Studio. A live cassette, 'Live in Habo (Metal Cross)' was also recorded in 1989, but in 1990 the band broke up. Samuel started writing and recording songs in his native tongue, but never released anything. He later moved to Stockholm and became a song writer/producer and has, among other things, co-produced the 2002 Bon Jovi album 'Bounce'. He has also worked with artists from American Idol and X-Factor. The rest of the band is no longer in the music business.
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