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Zaragon (Swe)

Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1982 - XXXX
Official Website
Tojje Arvidsson - Vocals
Mats-Åke Andersson - Guitar (Twilight Project)
Håkan Fransson - Bass (Spellbound)
Mikael Hilmersson - Drums (Twilight Project, Metal Mercy, Colorblind)
Joakim Öberg - Organ, Keyboards (Twilight Project)
Former / Past Members
Claes Hernegård - Vocals (Twilight Project, Trazer, Fair Exchange)
Info from:
ZARAGON was formed in the early eighties but it wasn't until the mid eighties the line up was in place. The line up on the 85 demo was Mats Andersson (guitar), Mikael Hilmersson (drums), Jocke Öberg (hammond and keyboards), Håkan Fransson (bass) and Claes Hernegård (vocals).

The 85 demo was recorded with a mobile studio in Sjöboda just outside Jönköping. Claes stood out in the garden and recorded the vocals, just 100 meters from the garden there was a railway track. Everytime a train passed by we had to stop the recording so we wouldnt get the noise from the train on the tape. We had to change the lyrics of the ballad "So Many Tears" from "Walking In The Dark" to "Walking In the Park" because there was birds singing in the trees. The sound quality on the 85 demo is what you can expect from a demo recorded in the garden in the mid eighties by a band and enginers with not that much experiens. The vocals is sometimes out of tune and the rest of the band is sometimes out of beat. But What the fuck!!! We made this demo with a lot of attitude and entusiasm and that what counts. We loved the songs and you can hear it when you listen to it. Its a lot of energy and joy in the way we played.

On the 87 demo Claes was replaced by Tojje and the music was much more influenced by the eighties. Tojje had a diffrent voice and sounded as a singer should sound back then. We recorded that demo in Stockholm Recording House and it is much more "well" played. Tomas Wikström (ex-CANDLEMASS, TALK OF THE TOWN) is doin the background vocals along with Tojje.

Håkan Fransson are today chairman for the rock club Zaragon Rock Club.
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