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- Bäckis & Andersson, Outburst, Fräcka Orkestern, MCD 1993 [Mixton #MMCD 10]
- KKF Gör Hela Kalmar Stad Glad, MCD 1993 [Mixton #MMCD 11]
- Det är Mitt Set, Single 1993 [Mixton #MMS-05]

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Outburst (Swe)

Outburst (Swe)
Band Info
Sweden (


1988 - 1993
Peter "Glen" Glyt - Vocals? (Space Faggots, Glyt, Tiny Harvest, Fräcka Orkestern)
Thore Lantzbergis
Jonny "Jonny" Jonsson
Ladde Lagg
Torsten Glistrup
Former / Past Members
Niklas Lindbäck - Bass
Johan Glössner - Guitar (Jaguar, Charizma (guest), Floodgate, Dee Gees, Fräcka Orkestern, Peter Glyt, Monica, Anders Johansson, Attila Gracza och Ann-Sofi Andersson, Johan Toll, Tiny Harvest, Mikeyla, Louise Hoffsten, Elias)
Peter Lindbäck - Drums
Christer Kratz - Piano
Formed in 1988 as a cover band by Peter Glyt, Niklas Lindbäck, Johan Glössner, Christer Kratz and Peter Lindbäck. The band recorded some material before changing name to FRÄCKA ORKESTERN in 1994. Peter Glyt lives since 2006 in Madrid, Spain where he has his own studio.
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