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Layout (Swe)

Layout (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1984 - 1989

Marika Anderson - Vocals (Venture, Östvalls Trio)
Björn Göransson - Guitar
Nilo Kovacic - Bass (Hellspray)
Daniel "Danne" Wickström - Drums (Straight Flash)

Former / Past Members
Johan Häll - Guitars (Venture, Hellspray, M.ILL.ION, Shivering Spines, Jack Wreesvijk, Stone Free, Sweet Serpentine)
Info (from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia)
LAYOUT were formed by 14 year old class mates Marika, Nilo, Daniel and guitarist Johan Häll in 1984. They started out playing hard rock, both their own material and also covers by bands like STATUS QUO. When Björn replaced Johan they became a bit heavier. Around 1987-89 Marika also sang backing vocals in the band VENTURE, which was fronted by Christian Liljegren (later in NARNIA, GOLDEN RESURRECTION etc). The band recorded some demos only. Around 1988-89 LAYOUT folded. Marika left, as she had no time. They found a replacement (who was later married to Nilo), but it didn't lift off again. Marika quist music, but later returned singing salsa in ÖSTVALLS TRIO. Björn works for the tax authorities in Gothenburg and Daniel quist music. Kovacic continued and is today in the metal band HELLSPRAY, which also features Mattias Rydell, who was also in VENTURE. The band made a one-off reunion gig about ten years ago after the split.
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