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Ion Olteanu Band (Swe)

Ion Olteanu Band (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Melodic Rock
Sweden (

Botkyrka, Stockholm

Official Website
Ion "Nutu" Olteanu - Guitar, Vocals (Iris, Titusi, Holograf, Lead Boots, Sabbtail, Bejerstrand Band, Funky Death Cap, Nutu Olteanu & Friends)
Ulf "Uffe" Hedin - Bass
Mike Wikman - Drums
Petrus Kukulski - Keyboard, Vocals (Funky Death Cap)
Kjell Allinger - Organ (Dia Psalma, Wyvern, Funky Death Cap, Badland, Kaargo, Tuk Tuk Rally, Highlights, Soul Sacrifice, Tagg, Åka Bil, Steve Future Band, Bossa Rio, More Than Colour, More Than Less, BB & the Medicine Men, Broberg Band, Allinger & Souru, Sanna, Roger Karlsson)
Former / Past Members
Ken "Getsz" Sundberg - Bass, Vocals (Stitch, Wasa Express, Raceway, Lead Boots, Funky Death Cap)
Christer Carlsson - Drums
Romanian-born guitarist Ion "Nutu" Olteanu had an prospering career in his home country before moving to Sweden (TITUSI, IRIS 1977-1986) in 1990. He also released a 11-track cassette album entitled 'Olteanu'. The band reformed in 2008. Ion was also part of the outstanding band LEAD BOOTS (also featuring Ken Sundberg). Ion also imitated Billy Gibbons in the Swedish TV show "Sikta Mot Stjärnorna" (aim for the stars). He has also been in BEJERSTRAND BAND and SABBTAIL. Ken Sundberg was also in STITCH and later WASA EXPRESS, while Allinger has been involved in lots of bands like KAARGO and TUK TUK RALLY. A music video was made for "In The Middle of Nowhere".
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