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Cartago (Swe)

Cartago (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Södertälje, Stockholm

1978 - 1995, 2011 - present
Photos / Videos
Official Website

Peter Alstermark - Vocals (Reloaded)
Peter Klintberg - Guitars
Markku Larsson - Bass
Anders Wiberg - Drums (Stitch, Raceway, Fog)
Anders Plassgård - Keyboards (Reloaded, Sunrise)

Former / Past Members
Tapani Anselm - Vocals (OZ)
Olle Ekestubbe - Vocals
Thorbjörn Rapp - Vocals
Lennart Silving - Drums
Jesse Andersson - Keyboards, Guitar
Formed in late 70's as HÖGTRYCK playing jazz rock, later changed name to CARTAGO and released the debut single 'Kontakt / Allt De Du Gjort' in 1979. A second single entitled 'Hold on to your Love / Wait for the Dreamers' was released in 1990. The band later folded but reunited in late 2000's, a new song was recorded in 2011 entitled "March of Dimes" featuring vocalist Tapani Anselm of OZ (good friends with the band).
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