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Wizz (Swe)

Wizz (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1976 - XXXX
Bernt Ek - Vocals (Bedlam, WildliW, Swedish Metal Aid, Grace, The Station, House of Shakira)
Mikael "Mike Gill" Gillstedt - Guitar
Jan "Janne" Pihl - Bass (Foggy Trip, Flashback)
Tomas "Tom Collins" Gustavsson - Drums
Robert "Kee" Klavinger - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Göran "George King" Kunstberg - Vocals, Bass, ex-Drums (Treasure, King & Rozz Group, Families, Icon X, O.B.S. Lätt o Lagom, Nice and Easy, Urban Turban, Dromba)
Göran Kunstberg started out as a drummer 1976 in the band LEADFORT. The band hower needed a bassist and vocalist so Göran took on the vocal duties and switched his drums for a bass. LEADFORT recorded their first demo in 1978/1979 and was soon offered a record deal in Sweden and Japan. LEADFORT declined the offer as they felt ok with only play smaller gigs. The band split for a short time in 1981 and Göran joined TREASURE and later the schlager band FAMILIES (mostly becouse he wanted to earn some extra money). 

LEADFORT soon reformed as WIZZ and decided to record a MLP. They called Göran who had just come back from a tour with FAMILIES and asked if he wanted to do the vocals. He said yes and WIZZ went to the studio in 1984 to record 'Crazy Games'. Instead of MLP it became a full LP which  took 1 week to record . The album was released November 1984 through Fingerprint Records pressed in 2500 copies which all sold out very fast. The song "Crazy Games" was also featured on the compilation album 'The Great Metal Attack Part 1 (1984)'. WIZZ had already completed songs for a second LP which was gonna be called 'Run To Jail', sadly it never saw the light of day. Göran are today active in the band KUNSTBERGS.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
A good solid hard rock band in the vein of Deep Purple. After the album Bernt Ek (Bedlam, Station, Grace, Wildliw) joined the band on vocals, but after a year it fell apart. Göran was ex-Treasure and later joined King & Rozz, later found in the folkish Urban Turban, Dromba and Icon X. He is now also working as a bagpipe tutor.
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