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Clown (Swe)

Clown (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1981 - 198X
Marianne Flynner - Vocals (Roxette, Electric Banana Band, Elvärket, Mosquitos, De Wolfe United, Mats Möller, Ted Ström, Tore Berger, Anders Glenmark, Fred Asp, Jonas Warnerbring, Lustans Lakejer, Agnetha Fältskog, Eva Dahlgren, Efva Attling)

Lars "Lasse" Hallberg - Bass (Monica Törnell, Gin & Grappo?) R.I.P.

Björn Uhr - Guitars (Attack, Tempelrock, Solid Ground, Rosa Körberg)

Sigvard "Sigge" Frenzel - Drums (Grand Slam, Lage On Stage, Monaco Blues Band, Tone Norum)

Leif Larsson - Keyboards

Ulf Andersson - Saxophone (Boogietryck?, ABBA, Ted Gärdestad, Noice, Eddie Meduza, Errol, Egba, Ardy & Lasse, Robert Broberg, Finn Zetterholm, Björn Skifs, Pugh Rogefeldt, Blåblus, Chips, The Boppers, Mikael Rickfors, Ulf Lundell, Commando M. Pigg, Grizzly, Per Cussion, Heta Linjen, Big Blues Band, Rolf Wikström's Hjärtslag, Jan Johansson, Bengt-Arne Wallin, Anthony 'Reebop' Kwaku Bah, Anders F. Rönnblom, Berndt Egerbladh, Monica Törnell, Björn J:son Lindh, Hollingworth, Hansson De Wolfe United, Kisa, Staffan Atterhall, Ahmadu Jarr, Jayson Lindh, Lasse Wellander, Slim Borgudd, Jan Harpo Svensson, Åke Kråkan Nilsson, Thomas Frykberg, etc)
Former / Past Members
Staffan Astner - Guitars (Fingerprints (guest), Bronk, Rabalders, Eddie Meduza, Kenta, Gyllene Tider, Jim Jidhed, Björn Afzelius, Tommy Nilsson, Carola, Py Bäckman, Jerry Williams, Björn Skifs, Eric Bibb, Pontus & Amerikanerna, Visitors, Katz, Louise Hoffsten, Choo Chine, Marie Fredriksson, Pugh & Rainrock, John Holm, Rickfors, Staffan & Heta Tips, Totte Wallin, Totta Näslund, Anna, Kajsa, Evfa, Lene, Izabella, Millas Mirakel, Christer Sandelin, Magnus Lindberg, Edin-Ådahl, Lisa Nilsson, Johnny T., Stefan Andersson, Kaj R. Hansson, Nike, etc)

John Donnelly - Drums (Skid Row, Trajic Hero, Scafell Pike, Rodney Ohman, Basse Wickman, Davy Spillane, etc)
Biography (from EMI)
This was more of a project than a band and musically they had more in common with American radio oriented rock like Pat Benatar than Heavy Metal. Initiated by now deceased bass player Lars Hallberg, Clown made one album in 1981 that hardly stirred up the airwaves. - I can’t remember that I heard any of our songs on the radio, says singer Marianne Flynner who fronted the project. The album, which features a cover picture of Marianne, was recorded with the aid of session musicians such as Björn Uhr (Attack) and Staffan Astner (Carola, Gyllene Tider, Louise Hoffsten) on guitars and John Donelly (Scafell Pike) on drums. - I think we only did three gigs, Marianne remembers. One at Kåren in Stockholm, another one in Piteå and one in Malmö. The latter was a nightmare. I had a bad perm and had just dyed my hair with henna. It’s amazing how I could belt out those loud screams. I have a fairly thin voice. Marianne moved on to become a backup singer for Roxette, Electric Banana Band and Eva Dahlgren before launching a solo career as a country artist. She was nominated for a Grammis award for the song Country Girl in 1993.

Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
The actual band was initially only Marianne and Lasse. The latter sadly passed away a few years ago. The album also featured Björn Uhr on guitar (Attack, Solid Ground) and Leif Larsson on keyboards. Marianne pursued a solo-career in the 90's in a totally different musical direction, more towards acoustic westcoast pop. John, an Irishman that moved to Sweden, was previously playing with Gary Moore's Skid Row, and was later found in Scaffel Pike. Staffan is a highly acclaimed studio musician that has played with acts like Eric Bibb and in 2009 released a great fusion album with his own band Bronk. Unofrtunaely Clown never did lift off. After the album Staffan and John left. John was replaced by Sigge Frenzel (Grand Slam, Tone Norum), but the band soon folded.
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