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Stetson Cody Group (Swe)

Stetson Cody Group (Swe)
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Progg / Jazz / Fusion / Symphonic / Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


October 1974 (as Joker), 1976 - December 1979
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Kjell "Kee Marcello" L÷vbom - Guitar, Vocals (D'accord, Europe, Easy Action, Svullo, Camel Lickers, Joker, Pńr Edwardson, Noice, Style, Mikael Rickfors, Edin-┼dahl, Silver, The Bubbles, Tara, Shanghai, Neon Leon and the Bondage Babies, Niclas Wahlgren, The Arabian Slickers, Kee & The Kick, The Glitter Twins, Red Fun, Pavic, Los Dragons, K2)

Sven "Jvon Dafbam" L÷vbom - Guitar, Vocals (D'accord)

Kaj "Raz Bakker" Backman - Bass (Punch)

Torbj÷rn "Starborn Hann" Harr - Drums (Europa, B.C. And The Envelopes, A Man With A Vision, Umeň Big Band, Peter Bryngelsson, Favoritorkestern, Punch, Repeatles)

Lars "Laxse Lodis" Lodin - Keys, Electric Piano (Punch)
Former / Past Members
Mńret Olausson - Flute, Vocals (Hagafeber)
Official Kee Marcello Biography (from
Though Kjell L÷fbom was born in Ludvika, he grew up in the towns Falun and Umeň. He got a plastic toy guitar when he was 5 years old. Often he stood in front of the TV, singing and playing along to songs by The Beatles. He played the guitar with his left hand, just like Paul McCartney. But at that time Kee's biggest dream wasn't to be a rock star. No, he wanted to become a count, because he had seen a count on TV and thought that he had a good life. In Umeň he played tennis with a friend, but often they would end up playing air guitar with their tennis rackets instead. Kjell's very first band was Camel Lickers, who couldn't play anything and didn't have any instruments. But Kjell still thought it was fun to have his own band. His mother gave him an electric guitar as a Christmas present when he was 12 years old. "I picked out all the Deep Purple riffs from the 'Machine Head' album and drove my parents crazy. They sent me to a teacher and he said, 'I'm sorry, you're not going to be able to play the guitar because your fingers are too short. Play something else... Play the piano... not the guitar.' So I got really angry and didn't tell anybody, not even my parents. They asked me about seeing the teacher and I said, 'No, he's ill' and I lied because I was devastated."

Later on Kjell formed his first real band, Joker, together with two friends. They played their first concert at the cafeteria at the Mimerskolan school in Umeň. "We rehearsed for a couple of years. We made our first gig at the school. It was terrible. My amplifier caught fire." Joker played an instrumental version of the Deep Purple song "Strange Kind of Woman" and the first song that Kjell wrote himself, "Sveriges Riksbank". Another song Kjell wrote was "Grand Mothers Old Underwear", which was actually a direct copy of the Rolling Stones song "Jumpin' Jack Flash". But thanks to a disagreement about crash cymbals, Joker split up. After that, Kjell formed a new band together with his cousin, Sven L÷vbom, and a neighbor, and at first that band was also called Joker. But in 1975 they changed their name to Stetson Cody Group. The band was influenced by fusion and jazz rock and Kjell and Sven wrote the songs. They toured around Sweden and in 1977 they got a scholarship for best rock/jazz group in Sweden from the state foundation Rikskonserter, which lead to a nation wide tour. Four tracks by Stetson Cody Group appeared on the album "Jazz & Rock", which was released in 1978 and also included tracks by the bands Ramaskri and Barabbas. Stetson Cody Group also released a single, "Det Var Du", in 1979.

Like John LevÚn and John Norum, Kjell ended up with bad school marks, and that meant that he couldn't attend the music high school he had applied for. Instead he started to work both as a fishing salesman at a local store and as a guitar teacher. When the punk scene started to take off, Kjell formed a trio who played covers of Sex Pistols songs, translated to Swedish. Later on he became good friends with jazz guitarist Johan Norberg, and during a trip to Greece they decided to form the acoustic guitar duo Norbom Hilke. They played mostly self-composed, instrumental material and played concerts at the jazz club in Umeň. At the end of 1979 Kjell and Sven realized that it was impossible to become rock stars in Umeň, so they decided to move to Stockholm. Kjell took up a job at a hospital and worked hard at writing new songs in the house he and Sven rented. In 1980 the two of them teamed up with three other musicians to form the band D'Accord, who only released two singles, "Ge Mig Mer" and "Nattliv", before splitting up. After that, Kjell teamed up with Ingvar Larsson under the band name Silver and released one single, "En Gňng Till". At that time Kjell also recorded the single "Nyfiken" with the band Kee and the Kick. It should be noted that the "Kee" in Kee and the Kick was actually the female vocalist, Kee M÷ller.
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