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- 5tr Demo, 1982
- 1tr Demo, 1983
- 3tr Demo, 1988
- 4tr Demo, 1988

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Mogg (Swe)

Mogg (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal
Sweden (

Umeå / Stockholm / USA

1981 - 1995
Photos / Videos

Mats "Attaque" Håkansson - Vocals, Guitar (Tryckvåg, Raceway, E-Type, Beautiful Grey, Led Boots, Adrenaline)

Thomas Carfors - Guitar, Keyboard (Sunrise, Brassmonkey)

Jan "Janne" Eklund - Bass (Sunrise, Brassmonkey)

Bo "Werner" Sundberg - Drums (Yngwie Malmsteen, Steamroller)

Former / Past Members
Jonny Lindkvist - Vocals, Keyboard (1981 - 1991) (Arrows, Fusion, Nocturnal Rites, Jonnys Bomb, Fates Right Band)

Jonas Östman - Drums (1985 - 1991) (Gotham City, Attityder, Dark Illusion, Mental Hippie Blood, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Beautiful Grey, Glory, Skintrade)

Björn-Erik Melander - Bass (1985 - 1991) (Gotham City, Neptune, Glory North, Marc Quee, Hungry Heart (US), Anthony & Melander (US), Liar's Dice (US), Bernie/Melander)

Patrik Andersson - Guitar (1983 - 1985) (Arrows, White Knuckles, Marion)

Robert "Bobby" Eriksson/Valerie - Drums (1981 - 1985) (Sunrise)

Thomas Persson - Vocals (The Line)
MOGG was active during 1981 - 1995. Their record debut was the -82 7" EP 'Rock I Umeå' where the 4 best bands from the Elvira Rock Competition contributed (V.I.P., NASTY MUSIC, WHITE FALCONS and MOGG). Their second record appearance was on the -86 MLP 'Sommarrock' which also was a compilation of finalists (JUVELERNA, BATON ROUGE, TAHITIAN MOON, UNDERCOVER and MOGG). Their own debut single was released in 1987 and entitled 'In and Out of Love / Please Don't Call'. MOGG also recorded a full-lenght LP in USA but the band folded and the master-tape was locked in at the record studio and never seen again.

The band split in 1995, Jonas Östman and Mats Attaque are today operating a studio at Fryshuset in Stockholm, they also play in the band Beautiful Grey. Jonas have produced albums for band such as MATTI ALFONZETTI and FATAL SMILE. He was also the mixassistent on BRITNEY SPEARS Toxic album when he worked at the famous Murlyn Music.

Mogg V.1
was active during 1981-1983 and the members were Jonny Lindkvist, Thomas Carfors, Jan Eklund and Bobby Eriksson.
"Before our gig, we used to drink Sailor and play Iron Maiden on vinyl. Then we sharpened the eyeliner pencil and tweaked our hair by pouring Fanta in it.
Finally, we tuned the guitars and stepped on the stage, usually on Elvira's scene, "says Thomas Carfors nostalgic".

Mogg V.2 were active during the years 1983-1985. The set was the same but the band was expanded now with Patrik Andersson and his black, white-striped Washburn. Patrick remembers, "I think it was just my guitar, which meant that we won a bunch of rock band competitions, and then got the chance to tour around in the north.

Mogg V.3 was active in Stockholm during the years 1985-1988, the members were Thomas Carfors, Jonny Lindkvist, Jonas Östman and Björn Melander. During this time we gig around and wrote songs unlimited amount of times, this was MOGG's absolute most creative period. A single was released in 1987 entitled 'In and Out of Love / Please Don't Call'.

Mogg V.4 were active in Stockholm and Los Angeles in 1989-1991 with members Thomas Carfors, Mats Attaque, Jonas Östman and Jan Eklund. Jonny and Bjorn had quit the band. MOGG's own Jan Eklund left the drums in Umeå and was flown to Stockholm, where he took over the bass, while Mats Attaque took over Jonny's microphone. Before Mats, Thomas Persson sang briefly with the band. "We were pissed at Sweden and hard rock, the world was awaiting us. We moved into Fryshusets basement, writing songs, and moved to Los Angeles. Eventually we found ourselves a different Swedish manager who helped us move to the U.S.

Mogg V.5 were active during the years 1991-1995 in Los Angeles. The members were then Bo Werner, Mats Attaque, Thomas Carfors and Jan Eklund. This is a dark and mysterious period in the band's history that still, 15 years later, processed. "I've really just a blurred memory of that we played porn movie music," says Mats Attaque. MOGG split up in 1995 and spread out into different projects.
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Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Mogg was formed in 1981 by Eklund and Carfors. They drafted bass player Robert "Bobby" Eriksson (now Valerie) and took the name Mogg, inspired by the names Mud and Mott. After a year, they drafter singer Jonny Lindqvist from locals Arrows. The band was soon completed by second guitarist Patrik Andersson. In 1983 the song "Lose You" was featured on the Universe Records 7" four-track compilation. They recorded a zillion demos, getting better and better. After having won a bandstand in 1985, Thomas and Jonny moved to Stockholm. In Stockholm they teamed up with former Gotham City boys, bassist Björn Melander and drummer Jonas Östman. In 1987 they released their first single 'In And Out Of Love'. Melander later played with Neptune, Glory North, Bernie/Melander and Liar's Dice. He now runs a recording studio in Stockholm. Jonas Östman was later in Glory, Mental Hippie Blood and Yngwie Malmsteen's band. After a while Björn and Jonny left the band. The latter would later play with Johnny's Bomb and Nocturnal Rites. Former bassist Janne Eklundh moved to Stockholm and rejoined the  band. They drafted singer Thomas Persson, who was soon replaced by Mats Attaque (Håkansson) (ex-Tryckvåg). Early 1990 they moved to Los Angeles, all except Östman, who was replaced by Bo Sundberg (Werner). In the US they didn't accomplish much except being ripped off by managers, work as studio musicians and record music for X-rated movies. In 1994 they recorded the CD 'From The Icefields', but in 1995 the members, except Bo, moved back to Sweden. Bo would later appear on Yngwie Malmsteen's 'Fire & Ice' album and he recorded a CD with the band Steamroller. In 1995 the band folded. However in January 2012 the line-up featuring Attaque, Carfors, Lindqvist, Andersson, Eklund and Valerie made a one-off reunion gig.
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