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Witch (Swe / Umeå)

Witch (Swe / Umeå)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


November 1981 - 1985
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Henrik "Geten" Kjellberg - Vocals (Catch, Cut Out, Doc Squeeze, The Facer, Jonnys Bomb, Nocturnal Rites (guest))
Anders "Lus" Hedman - Bass (Stygian Fair, Creature)
Ulf Johansson - Guitar (
Glorious Advance, Skrock)
Frank Stenbro - Drums (Gotham City, Glorious Advance, Skrock, RRP, OZ, Headache)

Former / Past Members
Tomas Jakobsson - Guitar (Marion)
Patrik Bergholm - Guitar (TNT)
Jan "Bomben" Johansson - Drums
Not to be confused with WITCH from Boden.

WITCH was a Swedish metal band from Umeå (same town as GOTHAM CITY and MOGG). They were heavily influenced by Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne. Through their active years (1981-1985) they recorded 3 demos and a live-tape. WITCH was also featured on the compilation "Helgdagsrock Åt Far (1983)" with the songs "Evil Night" and "White Death." A promo video was also recorded for "Still Alive". Their 3rd demo 'Still Alive' was recorded as a pre-production tape for their first official release, an EP entitled "Still Alive" on Tandan Records. Sadly Tandan folded/got bankrupt and it was never released.

WITCH once had a doll nailed to a cross at one of their gigs. This got them classed as devil worshippers by the free churches and they where actually banned to attend some live gigs in Umeå. There was some articles in the Swedish newspaper about this back in the days. Another fun little detail was when bassist Anders Hedman had organized a music festival (with Witch, Mogg, Gotham City) at the last day of school -83. The concert was interrupted when bands played due to drunkenness, the crowd fighted and vandalized the whole park area. It was a heavenly life on the media.

Anders Hedman audiotened as new bassist for HEAVY LOAD after Torbjörn left the band.
Henrik Kjellberg are now working with ToonTrack (Drums from Hell).
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