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Dog Rose (Swe)

Dog Rose
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (


November 1981 (as Lockhead) - October 1983
Mikael Åberg - Vocals, Guitar
Lars Perneholm - Guitar
Lennart Hagström - Bass
Lars-Åke Edström - Drums (Gotham City)
Former / Past Members
Tony Johansen - Vocals
Susanne Gillberg - Vocals
Stephan Lövstrand - Bass (Agent Orange)
Formed as Lockhead but changed to Dog Rose in April 1982. Played about 20 gigs, first one was at Sävar Centralskola, Luciafest, December 1981 and the last one at Storsjöparken, Holmsund, Musikfest, June 8 1983. They only gigged around Umeå. The band appeared on radio May 1982 in a program about Sävar's youth. They also attended Elviras popbandscontest spring 19882 and advanced to fifth place.

The band played hard rock - influenced by bands such as Depe Purple, Rainbow and Black Sabbath. Mikael wrote most of the songs but also got some help from Susanne. Some titles was "Ex Education", "Fighting", "Bad Boys", "Love", "Superman", "Tonight". Also some covers such as "Hey Baby (Ted Nugent)" and "Six Blade Knife (Dire Straits)".
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