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Hungry Heart (US)

Hungry Heart (US)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / AOR

Los Angeles, California

Matt Richard - Vocals
Bernie Anthony - Guitar  R.I.P. (Anthony & Melander (US), Bernie Anthony)
Björn-Erik Melander - Bass (Gotham City, Mogg, Neptune, Glory North, Marc Quee, Anthony & Melander (US), Liar Dic)
Michael Costa - Drums (Anthony & Melander (US))
HUNGRY HEART combines LA-style '80s Hair Metal with the classiness of '80s melodic European hard rock! The band, formed by Swedish bassist Björn-Erik Melander (formerly of Gotham City, Mogg and Glory Bells Band) and German Guitar virtuoso Bernie Anthony (who sadly passed away a few years ago), play a classy brand of '80s melodic metal combining the likes of TNT, Dokken, Europe, and White Lion. Great bluesy Zeppelin-esque style vocals from Matt Richard and brilliant musicianship.
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