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Lazy (Swe)

Lazy (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Eskilstuna, Malmköping

1982 - 1988?
Roger Johansen - Vocals
Joakim "Kim" Björkegren - Guitar (Shed, It's Alive)
Jari Forsman - Guitar
Per Ahlström - Bass (Shed, It's Alive)
Torbjörn Löfgren - Drums
John Rosth - Keyboards? (It's Alive)
Former / Past Members
Leo Hed - Bass
Torbjörn Lövstaf - Bass
Lasse Arrhed  - Drums
LAZY's first appearance was on the Pang compilation 'Rock On, Roll On (1983)' with the songs "Darkness" and "Mountains". They released their debut album 'Creatures' the following year on the Mill Records label (a 4tr VHS was also released with songs from the album). They later recorded a demo and in 1988 they appeared on the split album 'Metal Hammer from Scandinavia' together with CRYSTAL PRIDE, SHERE KHAN and LYNX. Per Ahlström, John Rosth and Joakim Björkgren of SHED was in LAZY at their last active years, they later formed IT'S ALIVE.
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