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White Knuckles (Swe)

White Knuckles
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Dick "Scott" Henriksson - Guitar, Vocals (Dick Scott)
Bo Ottosson - Guitar, Vocals (Järngänget)
Thomas Fahlgren - Bass  R.I.P. (Glorious Advance, Järngänget)
Putte Andersson - Drums (Mogg, Arrows, Marion)
A heavy metal band from Åsele featuring Thomas Fahlgren of Glorious Advance. The band recorded a 8-track demo in 1984 featuring songs such as "Mean As A Snake". A low budget video also exists were the singer get his eyebrows burned off from their smoke bombs.

White Knuckles vocalist Dick Scott later got a contract with a danish label and recorded his solo album 'Dreamland' featuring Frank Stenbro on solo guitar (Gotham City, Witch, among others).
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