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Sunrise (Swe)

Band Info
Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (

Mariehem, Umeå

November 1978 - July 1981
Thomas Carfors - Guitar, Bass, Vocals (Mogg, Brassmonkey)
Per "Pär" Gardenkrans - Guitar, Vocals (VIP)
Jan "Janne" Eklund - Bass, Vocals (Mogg, Brassmonkey)
Patrik Wermelin - Drums (VIP)
Patrik Ångman - Keyboard, Vocals (VIP)
Former / Past Members
Robert "Bobby" Eriksson/Valerie - Guitar (Mogg)
Kenneth Bergdahl - Guitar (Attaque, La Machine)
Formed november 1978 in Mariehem where they all lived at the time. Sunrise rehearsed at Bräntebergsskolans, Mariehemgården and Patrik Ångmans basement. They did about 50 gigs, the first at Bräntbergsskolan, Umeå Rockkväll 7 July 1979 and the last at Döbelns Park, Umeå, Rockkväll 7 July 1981. They also played at Umeås youth centers and Folkets Hus in Botsmark. The band split in July 1981 because of different music tastes. Mogg and VIP was later formed from the ashes of Sunrise.

Sunrise wrote and played own songs such as "If You Leave Me", "Soldiers Fallin'", "Something", "Jag Vill Bara Ha En Vän", "Mystery Eyes" and "Midnight Hunter".
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