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Missing in Discography
- Glorious Bankrobbers 12" LP, 1984
- Dynamite Sex Doze 12" Single, 1989
- Dynamite Sex Doze 12" LP, 1989
- Live At CBGB's N.Y.C. LP/CD, 1991
- The Glorious Sound of Rock'n'Roll  CD, 2007

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Glorious Bankrobbers (Swe)

Glorious Bankrobbers (Swe)
Band Info
Hard / Sleazy Rock
Sweden (


1983 - 1992, 2006 - 2011
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Olle Hillborg - Vocals, Harmonica (Mops, Mysteriet Med Dom Rytmiska Rubinerna, Backstreet Girls (Nor), Sampleplater (Nor))
Jonas Pettersson - Guitar (Mental Hippie Blood, Greed)
Mikael "Mick" Jansson - Guitar (Mental Hippie Blood, Aphrodite (choir))
Lake Skoglund - Bass  (RKBS, Mental Hippie Blood, Front of House)
Anders "Oden" Odenstrand - Drums (Mental Hippie Blood, Manic Depression, Aphrodite (choir)) R.I.P. 2012
Former / Past Members
Staffan Björkman - Bass
Pelham Söderström - Bass (RKBS, Bill, Intoxication, Wilson Triggers, Pelham Brothers)
Jörgen Bergman - Drums
The Official GB Story
GB was formed originally summer 1983, First lineup was: Olle Hillborg, vocals, Jonas Pettersson and Mikael Jansson, guitars, Staffan Björkman, bass and Jörgen on drums. See band pics for the first gig at jonas parents house midsummer 1983. Mikael, Staffan and Jörgen left the band and the bassplayer Pelham and drummer Oden joined in on the first album "Glorious Bankrobbers" 1984 (produced by Kee Marcello).

GB attended SWEDISH METAL AID in 1985 and toured in Sweden + a few gigs in Norway (Sardines 17 May 1987, Jeeesus!) and got a reputation of being one of Stockholms most explosive live acts by then. Pelham left the band -87 and Lake left FRONT OF HOUSE for the bass. Mikael from the first lineup came back and the second album "Dynamite Sex Dose" was recorded spring 1989. The title song video was seen on MTV's Headbangers ball a few times. Tours in Sweden + Norway followed, from KB Malmo up to forgotthename club in Tromso + support act with Yngwie Malmsteen at Johanneshov Ice Stadium. GB set at least 2 all-time-high-number-of-beers-sold (Cityhallen, Stockholm and Stedet, Oslo) during that time. Possibly also all-time-high-number-of-free-beers-drunk-by-the-band at Stedet. Oslo (100 Ringnes in 4 hours). They also went to New York november 1990 and made a few gigs around Manhattan/Queens/Staten Island (Cat Club, CBGBs, Spoodee Yodies, Wolf Club, Bond Street Cafe, Red Spot). A live album from the CBGB's gig was released early 1991.

It went restless 91-92 and Olle left the band for BACKSTREET GIRLS (Norway). The rest of the band reformed together with a new singer Michael Oran under the name MENTAL HIPPIE BLOODbut that's another story. The band reunited 2006 (without Mikael) and 2007 they released the album "The Glorious Sound of Rock'n'Roll" containing new recorded previously released and unreleased songs.

The drummer Oden died in December 2012, GB will never play again.
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