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Two Rocks (Swe)

Two Rocks (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / AOR
Sweden (


Thomas Brandt - Vocals (LOK, Svullo, Slips?)

Benny Jansson - Guitars, Bass (Avenue, Dave Nerge's Bulldog, Tears Of Anger, Trail of Tears, Mindcrime, Ride The Sky, Power United, Xsavior, Snake Charmer, Johansson Brothers, Svullo, Racketeer)

Jörgen Andersson - Bass (Avenue)

Thomas Jansson - Keyboards (Power, Shoutless, Racketeer)

Björn Jansson – Backing Vocals (Avenue, Power, Tears Of Anger, Mindcrime, Ride The Sky, Beyond Twilight, Erika, Shadrane, Imaginery, Snakes In Paradise, Talisman, Crash The System)
Two Rocks features former Mindcrime guitarist Benny Jnasson. In addition to his efforts with Two Rocks, Jansson has also recorded with Snake charmer, Rackateer and Johansson Brothers as well as recording three solo albums. Two Rocks later changed name to Power United. By 2003 Jansson had founded Tears of Anger, working with his brother Björn Jansson, Therion and Mnd's Eye man Johan Niemann on bass guitar and Mind's Eye and Faro drummer Daniel Flores for an album 'Still Alive' recorded for the Finnish label Lion Music. In 2006 Jansson joined up with Björn Jansson once again and former Helloween and Masterplan drummer Uli Kusch to forge Ride The Sky.

Benny Jansson is a Swedish composer, lyricists and musicians (guitar, bass). Jansson has written the soundtrack to the movie "Sökarna (1993)" and songs for Svullo ("Do the Svullo Dance", "Släta Av Mig", "Suckface", etc.) and Erika Norberg ("Cold Winter Night", "In The Arms Of A Stranger"). As instrumentalist has Jansson mainly worked as a studio musician and also released a number of solo albums. He has also collaborated with pianist Jan Johansson's sons, Jens and Anders Johansson for their project "The Johansson Brothers."
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