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Junction (Swe)

Junction (Swe)
Band Info
Rock / Hard / Progressive Rock
Sweden (


Jan-Erik Liljeström - Vocals, Bass (Anekdoten, Fred’s Perfect)
Patrick "Salle" Salin - Guitar (Watertouch, Fred’s Perfect)
Lars-Göran Siljeholm - Drums
Håkan Bengtsson - Organ, Piano (Vantage)
JUNCTION recorded a couple of demos, released a 7-inch and contributed with two tracks on a local compilation CD with bands from Borlänge. The band split up after a couple of years together. The members went on to other projects such as ANEKDOTEN and WATERTOUCH.

Håkan Bengtsson was earlier in the band VANTAGE together with SIX FEET UNDER drummer Jonas Lööf.
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