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Uppåt Väggarna (Swe)

Uppåt Väggarna (Swe)
Band Info
Progressive / Hard Rock
Sweden (



Johan Wallin - Guitar, Vocals (Good Clean Fun)
Dante "Svarten" Holmberg - Guitars (Strix Q, Good Clean Fun, Dante, Magnus Uggla, Joyride, Boney M)
Dan Svensson - Bass
Thomas Wiklund - Drums (Neon Rose, Magnum Bonum, Truck)
Hasse Karlander - Congas

The members was only around 16 years when they formed UPPÅT VÄGGARNA. The band plays progressive / hard rock in the vein of NOVEMBER and ALEXANDER LUCAS. After the band split-up,  Thomas Wiklund joined with NEON ROSE and MAGNUM BONUM. Dan Holmberg joined STRIX Q and also worked as sound engineer for EUROPE among others. The A-side from their single 'Jag Hatar Politik / Jag Färdas (1971)' can also be found on the CD-compilation "Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils) Vol.III.
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