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Tracy Goes Crazy (Swe)

Tracy Goes Crazy (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (

Skövde, Skara

1984 - XXXX
Official Website
Thomas "Paulus" Kihlberg - Vocals, Guitar (Backwater, Orchid, Cap Outrun, Oliver Hardy)
Håkan "Philip Junior" Holmström - Bass (Normandie Heroes)
Michael Ahlforth - Drums
Former / Past Members
Tony Niva - Vocals (Zanity, Lion's Share, Axia, Master Massive, Swedish Erotica, Capricorn, Malibu Band, Niva, Oxygen)
Ulf Andersson - Vocals (Twilight Zone?)
Johnny Bragd
Tomas Adolfsson
TRACY GOES CRAZY was formed 1984 in Skara, Sweden by Thomas Kihlberg (vocals & guitar), Håkan Holmström (bass) and Mikael Ahlfort (drums). Together with friends and great musicians as Johnny Bragd, Tomas Adolfsson, Patrik Tibell, Tony Niva, Ulf Andersson they recorded demos and performed live. 1990 they relesead the single 'When The Sun Goes Down / Let Me Be The One" with Tony Niva on lead-vocals. The best material was recorded with Ulf Andersson on lead-vocals 1990-1991. The song "Rainbows End" was recorded 1993 with members of TGC, with Thomas Kihlberg on vocals.

Today, Thomas working with BACKWATER and ORCHID. Håkan is working on his solo project "Normandie Heroes'. Mikael is still playing drums high up in the north.
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