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Roulette (Swe)

Roulette (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Rock
Sweden (


1985 - 1990 (changed name)
Thomas Lundgren - Vocals (Cherry Red, Red Skies, Reptilerna?)
Magnus Nelin - Guitars (Cherry Red, Ivory (guest), Kaza)
Hansi Fellbrink - Bass (Cherry Red, Lion's Share (guest), Overload)
Mats Nelin - Drums (Cherry Red, Ivory (guest), Rain (guest), Kaza)
Thomas Nesslin - Keyboards (Cherry Red, Red Skies, Europunch, B 'N J)
Roulette formed in 1985, in Sundsvall, Sweden. The members of the band all had previous careers with other bands: Hansi Fellbrink with Overload, Lundgren and Nesslin in Red Skies and the Nelin brothers and The Kaza. When these band got together, it “clicked” and they started to rehearse songs and play live at rock clubs and festivals around Sweden.

ROULETTE became a popular band in their hometown and had two of hits, "Summer Sun" and "Call My Name" on the local radio stations. The year after they took part in the competition POP -86 where they went to the final at Hard Rock Café / Stockholm. The judges included Tommy Nilsson from EASY ACTION and Kee Marcello from EUROPE.

In 1987 they signed a record deal with TAB Records and released their first single 'Hearts Keep On Burning' with Tommy Nilsson on backing vocals. The second single was released in 1988 called "Fool For Your Love", and a video was shot to promote that single. To further their musical recognition, Roulette performed on a a series of Swedish TV-shows including ”Top Gear”/Nordic Channel, ”Night Life”/TV 3 and ”Metropol”/SVT where they played two songs on the same show as STATUS QUO. This led to becoming the supporting act to headlines at the Hede Festival.

In 1990 they changed their band name into CHERRY RED and got signed by CBS. They started recording under the guidance of producer Per Blom, but what was to become a full-length album ended as a third single, “Only The Strong”.   Unfortunately, never breaking the mainstream radio market with this group, the band did share stages and tours with such acts as TREAT, GUARDIAN ANGELS, ELECTRIC BOYS and LIONS SHARE.

The band recorded a couple of demos but they was never officially released. AOR FM released a best of / compilation in 2008 entitled 'Better Late Than Ever'.
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