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Silent Knight (Swe)

Silent Knight
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Michael Ohlsson - Vocals (Zircus, Zeit, New Clear Daze, Icarus, Michael, Big M, Hagen, Michaels Mansion)

Kari Toppinen - Guitar (Genocide, Zircus, New Clear Daze, Icarus, Scandinavian Skies, Return, Thunderfly)

Hans "Hasse" Rosén - Bass (Zircus, New Project, New Clear Daze, Michael)

Johan "Koleberg" Kullberg - Drums (Lion's Share, Frontiers, Hammerfall, Therion, Wolf, Ignition, Talk of the Town, Kyss, Zan Clan, AB/CD, Scudiero, Animal, Dark Illusion, Section A, Effect, Chris Laney)
Biography (from
The last chapter in the original classic line-up of Genocide was set to be this line-up and band called Silent Knight. Kari ultimately choose to put his guitar on the shelf and focus on work. This lineup had a young drummer from Fagersta (Dalarna, Sweden) called Johan Kullberg who was the last "new" ingredient that Kari put in. Johan is still active and plays drums for the world wide famous Swedish Metal band Hammerfall and formerly in Therion.

The self-made (4 channel) recording they made under the name Silent Knight included the following line-up:

Kari Toppinen (g)
Hans Rosén (b)
Michael Olsson (v)
Johan Kullberg (d)
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Songs (8)
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