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New Clear Daze (Swe)

New Clear Daze
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (


Michael Ohlsson - Vocals (Zeit, Zircus, Silent Knight, Icarus, Michael, Big M, Hagen, Michaels Mansion)
Kari Toppinen - Guitar (Genocide, Zircus, Silent Knight, Scandinavian Skies, Icarus, Return, Thunderfly)
Lars "Lasse" Rosén - Guitar (New Project, Michael)
Hans "Hasse" Rosén - Bass (New Project, Zircus, Silent Knight, Michael)
Peter "Tjobba" Åsblom - Drums (New Project, Icarus, Michael)
Mats Nygren - Keyboard (Zircus)
Biography (from

New Clear Daze

This was basically the same band as Zircus, but they changed the music direction a bit. Speaking of the name New Clear Daze, Hans suggested the name that he got from The Vapors album "New Clear Days". They agreed to write Daze instead of Days. The music was more keyboard-involved than earlier which made the guitar sound suffer a bit more than on previous recordings. Musically however it was yet another hit-based recording with melodic hard rock.

The studio recording they made under the name New Clear Daze included the following line-up:

  • Kari Toppinen (g)
  • Lars Rosén (g)
  • Hans Rosén (b)
  • Michael Olsson (v)
  • Peter "Tjobba" Åsblom (d)
  • Mats Nygren (k)
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